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Trouble-Shooting; Technical Specifications - Silvercrest SSM 1000 A1 Operating Instructions Manual

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15. Trouble-shooting

If your device fails to function as required, please try this
checklist first. Perhaps there is only a minor problem, and
you can solve it yourself.
DANGER! Risk of electric shock!
Do not attempt to repair the device yourself under any
Possible causes /Actions
• Has the device been connected to
the power supply?
No function
• Check the connection.
Steam escaping
• Is the pressure valve 1 open (en-
from pressure
gaged in the lower position)?
valve 1.
• Is the pressure valve 1 not inserted
Steam escapes
• This is normal during the heating
from pressure
indicator 23.
• If steam escapes after the start of the
program: switch off the device, allow
to cool, check pressure indicator 23.
Steam escapes
• Lid 5 not properly closed?
from the side of
• Switch off device, allow to cool,
the lid 5.
check that the sealing ring 25 is free
from dirt and inserted correctly.
Pressure indica-
• Switch off device, allow to cool,
tor 23 does not
check that the sealing pressure indi-
move upwards.
cator 23 is clean and moves freely.
Pressure indica-
• Switch off device, allow to cool,
tor 23 does not
check that the sealing pressure indi-
move down-
cator 23 is clean and moves freely.
Lid 5 will not
• Is the device still pressurised? Then
the lid 5 cannot be opened (safety
• Is the pressure indicator 23 stuck?
Program does
• Is the lid 5 not properly closed? Is
not start.
steam escaping?
The display 29
Is the lid 5 not closed, or not open in the
shows Lid.
case of the searing program (Sear/
Sauté 41)?
The display 29
Contact the Service Centre.
shows an error
message (E and
a number).

16. Technical specifications

SSM 1000 A1
220 – 240 V ~ 50/60 Hz
Mains voltage:
Protection class:
Power rating:
1000 W
Working pressure:
70 kPa
Maximum permitted
120 kPa
Filling volume:
approx. 0.25 - 5.60 l
Symbols used
Certified Safety. Devices must comply with the general-
ly acknowledged rules of technology and the German
Product Safety Act (Produktsicherheitsgesetz - ProdSG).
With the CE marking, HOYER Handel GmbH declares
the conformity with EU guidelines.
This symbol reminds you to dispose of the packaging
in an environmentally friendly manner.
Recyclable materials are marked with the recycling
symbol (3 arrows). The material can be specified by
the recycling number in the centre (here: 21) and/or
an abbreviation (here: PAP).
The symbol identifies parts that can be cleaned in the
Subject to technical modifications.

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