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Opening Lid Safely (While Hot) - Silvercrest SSM 1000 A1 Operating Instructions Manual

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8.6 Opening lid safely (while hot)

DANGER! Risk of injury from scalding!
Do not open the Multi-Pot while it is pressurised. Please
take note of the pressure indicator 23. Wait until the
pressure has dropped, or open the pressure valve 1
until only a little steam is coming out. Never use force
to open the Multi-Pot.
Ensure that no body parts (e.g. hand or arm) are
above the pressure valve 1 when you open this using
the pressure valve button
There is a danger of being scalded by escaping
DANGER! Risk of injury from hot food!
When you have heated semi-liquid food, carefully
shake the Multi-Pot before opening. This should prevent
food from spraying out.
If you have cooked meat with the skin on, the skin can
swell up. Do not pierce the meat while the skin is swol-
DANGER! Risk of injury from burning!
Only touch the hot device on the operating panel 10
or by the handles 3/20.
When the Multi-Pot is pressurised, the pressure must first be
released from the pot before it can be opened safely. A
safety mechanism prevents the lid 5 from being opened as
long as the pressure indicator 23 is lifted.
To release the pressure, you have two options:
For fast steam release, the pressure is rapidly re-
leased through the pressure valve 1.
For slow cooling, the pressure is released slowly
without a valve being opened.
• Use slow cooling if large volumes of liquid (e.g. soup)
or foods containing a lot of starch (e.g. porridge) are
inside the Multi-Pot. These foods can spray out with the
steam during fast steam release, blocking the valves.
• Use fast steam release if possible for foods with short
cooking times that can quickly be overcooked.
• When you use the warm program Keep Warm/
Cancel 37, the pressure is released slowly.
• If you use a cooking program without pressure, steam
release is unnecessary. When you open the lid 5, be
careful of the hot food and hot surfaces.
• If the pressure indicator 23 does not sink down, de-
spite there being no steam and no pressure escaping
the pressure indicator may have become dirty and
stuck. If this happens, press down gently on the pres-
sure indicator using a pen, chopstick or similar.
2 and steam escapes.
Fast steam release
Stop the cooking process and pull out the mains
plug 16.
Press down carefully on the pressure valve
2 until it clicks into place, in order to open
the pressure valve 1. The pressure is released from
the Multi-Pot. This will cause hot steam to es-
Check that the pressure indicator 23 has sunk down.
Hold down the release button 24 while you turn the
lid 5 clockwise until the arrow marking 6 points to
the marking
Carefully remove the lid 5 in an upward direction.
Slow cooling
When the device is in standby (display shows OFF) or
whilst the warm program Keep Warm/Cancel 37 is
running, pressure will be released slowly and automatical-
ly. How long the cooling process takes depends on the
quantity of food, and can take up to 15 minutes.
Allow the Multi-Pot to cool until the pressure indica-
tor 23 has sunk down.
NOTE: you can speed up the cooling process somewhat
by placing a cold, damp (but well wrung-out) towel over
the lid. If you do this, first pull out the mains plug 16.
Hold down the release button 24 while you turn the
lid 5 clockwise until the arrow marking 6 points to
the marking
Carefully remove the lid 5 in an upward direction.

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