Silvercrest SSM 1000 A1 Operating Instructions Manual

Silvercrest SSM 1000 A1 Operating Instructions Manual




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  • Page 2 English ..............2...
  • Page 3 Overview...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Contents Overview ....................3 Intended purpose .................. 4 Safety information ................4 Items supplied ..................7 Overview of operating panel ..............8 Overview of functions ................. 10 Before first use ..................11 Handling of the Multi-Pot ..............11 Opening lid (when cold) ..................11 Placing lid in drip-dry position ................11 Closing lid ......................11 Opening/closing pressure valve ................11...
  • Page 5: Overview

    1. Overview Pressure valve Pressure valve button Handle (of the lid) Arrow marking Heating plate Marking (lid closed) Operating panel Condensed water tank Rice spoon Steamer insert Measuring beaker Soup spoon Mains power cable with mains plug Base unit Port (for connecting the mains power cable) Marking (lid open) Handle (of the base unit) Safety contact...
  • Page 6: Intended Purpose

    Thank you for your trust! 2. Intended purpose This Multi-Pot is a multifunctional device with various cook- Congratulations on your new Multi-Pot. ing programs for time and energy-saving pressure cook- ing, for slow cooking, for steaming, for searing, for For safe handling of the device and in order to get to know making yoghurt, and for baking cakes.
  • Page 7 Instructions for safe operation This device must not be used by children. The device and its power cable must be kept away from children. This device can be used by people with restricted physical, sensory or intellectual abilities or people without adequate experience and/or understanding if they are supervised or instructed on how to use this device safely and if they are aware of the resulting dangers.
  • Page 8 DANGER for children DANGER! Risk of electric shock Packing materials are not children's toys. Children Do not use the device if the device or the mains power should not be allowed to play with the plastic bags. cable has any visible damage, or if the device has pre- There is a risk of suffocation.
  • Page 9: Items Supplied

    WARNING! Risk of material damage FIRE HAZARD The device must never be operated when empty, in or- der to avoid overheating. Before turning the device on, place it on a level, sta- Never operate the Multi-Pot without the pot. ble, dry, heat-resistant surface. Ensure that there is never too much or too little water The safety contact in the middle of the heating plate and food in the device.
  • Page 10: Overview Of Operating Panel

    5. Overview of operating panel Rice Poultry Less Normal More Multigrain Fish High Beef Steam /Meat Veggies Hours Beans Soup /Chili Minutes Sear Slow Stew Yogurt Sauté Cook Pressure Delay Keep Warm Start Cake Level Start Cancel No. / Designation Function Display Display of current settings and information about the cooking process,...
  • Page 11 Indications in the display Less Normal More High No. / display Meaning 51 Less, Normal, More Selected cooking time default setting Display of cooking time, information (e.g. OFF in standby) Pressure has built up 54 High Pressure level setting: high pressure Progress bar: runs when the device is heating up 56 Low Pressure level setting: low pressure...
  • Page 12: Overview Of Functions

    6. Overview of functions Your new Multi-Pot combines energy and time-saving pressure cooking with the modern, automatic control of cooking processes. As a result, this device is not only a particularly safe pressure cooker, but also an intelligent multifunctional device, which allows you e.g. to cook gently like a slow cooker, or to prepare yoghurt. The Multi-Pot has 14 cooking programs.
  • Page 13: Before First Use

    7. Before first use 8.4 Opening/closing pressure valve • Clean the device prior to its first use (see “Cleaning and storage” on page 20)! • Remove the protective film from the operating pan- DANGER! Risk of injury from scalding! el 10. Ensure that no body parts (e.g.
  • Page 14: Opening Lid Safely (While Hot)

    8.6 Opening lid safely (while hot) Fast steam release Stop the cooking process and pull out the mains plug 16. Press down carefully on the pressure valve DANGER! Risk of injury from scalding! button 2 until it clicks into place, in order to open Do not open the Multi-Pot while it is pressurised.
  • Page 15: Markings In The Pot / Filling Volumes

    8.7 Markings in the pot / filling 9. Preparations before each volumes DANGER! DANGER! The safety contact 21 in the middle of the heating When pressure cooking (with closed pressure valve 1): plate 8 must be clean and move freely in order to fill the pot 7 only to the maximum filling level (marking avoid overheating.
  • Page 16: Cooking With The Multi-Pot

    10. Cooking with the Multi-Pot As soon as the device is connected to the power sup- ply, the display 29 will show OFF. The device is in standby mode. DANGER! 10.2 Cooking times Please note that the inside of the base unit 17 must re- main clean and dry.
  • Page 17: Interrupt The Cooking Process

    If desired, first change the pressure level: Remove the hot pot 7 using potholders or oven Press the pressure button Pressure Level 40 to gloves. switch between High 54 and Low 56. Allow the device to cool down before you clean it. The change the cooking time within the adjustable range: 10.6 Warm (...
  • Page 18: Cooking With A Delay Time

    10.7 Cooking with a delay time 11. Individual cooking programs This function allows you to prepare the cooking process and then cook at a later point in time. The cooking process 11.1 Searing ( can be started with a delay time of up to 24 hours (0:01 Sear/Sauté...
  • Page 19: Slow Cooking (Slow Cook)

    11.3 Slow cooking ( Special features of this program Slow Cook The default setting More 51 is intended for pasteuris- The slow cooking program Slow Cook 39 allows you to ing milk. This selection also selects a different tempera- use the Multi-Pot as a slow cooker. The food is cooked slow- ture.
  • Page 20: Fish (Fish)

    11.5 Fish ( 11.7 Poultry ( Fish Poultry The fish program Fish 31 is for cooking fish in steam . This poultry program Poultry 30 is intended for cooking poultry. Other fish dishes can also be made successfully using this device, however, such as fish soup or stewing on a bed of Special features of this program vegetables with very little liquid.
  • Page 21: Beans / Chili (Beans/Chili)

    11.9 Beans / chili ( 11.11 Eggs ( Beans/Chili The beans program Beans/Chili 34 allows you to cook The egg program Egg 36 is intended for boiling eggs. dried pulses without soaking them first. You can also save Special features of these programs time with the preparation of chili con carne.
  • Page 22: Multigrain (Multigrain)

    11.13 Multigrain ( 12.1 Disassembling the device Multigrain The multigrain program Multigrain 49 is intended for Pull the mains plug 16 out of the wall socket and al- cooking brown rice, wild rice and various types of grains. low the device to cool. Pull the mains power cable 16 out of the port 18 in Special features of these programs the base unit 17.
  • Page 23: Assembling Accessories

    25 sits precisely on the holder 28, Accessories for the pressure cooker - that the seal is fully in contact all the way around. SSM 1000 A1 can be reordered. Place the condensed water tank 11 back into the holder 22.
  • Page 24: Trouble-Shooting

    15. Trouble-shooting 16. Technical specifications If your device fails to function as required, please try this Model: SSM 1000 A1 checklist first. Perhaps there is only a minor problem, and 220 – 240 V ~ 50/60 Hz Mains voltage: you can solve it yourself.
  • Page 25: Warranty Of The Hoyer Handel Gmbh

    17. Warranty of the HOYER Handel • Then, you are able to send a product reported as defective free of charge to the service address specified to you, includ- GmbH ing the purchase receipt and the information on the defect Dear Customer, and when it occurred.

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