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Cooking With A Delay Time; Individual Cooking Programs; Searing (Sear/Sauté); Making Yoghurt (Yogurt) - Silvercrest SSM 1000 A1 Operating Instructions Manual

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10.7 Cooking with a delay time

This function allows you to prepare the cooking process
and then cook at a later point in time. The cooking process
can be started with a delay time of up to 24 hours (0:01
to 23:59).
• The yoghurt program (Yogurt 43) and the searing
program (Sear/Sauté 41) cannot be started with a
delay time.
• Please note that some foods (e.g. fish) can go bad if
they are left in the pot at room temperature for multiple
hours before they are cooked.
Prepare the cooking process as described (see "Pre-
paring the cooking process" on page 14).
The device is in standby mode (display shows OFF).
Press the Delay button. Delay Start 38. The dis-
play 29 shows 00:30. The minutes flash.
Use the buttons + 33/– 46 to set the minutes of the
desired delay time.
Press the time units button Hours/Minutes 35 to
switch to setting the hours.
Use the buttons + 33/– 46 to set the hours.
Now set the cooking program and start it as de-
scribed (see "Setting cooking program and starting"
on page 14).
The LED of the selected program and the LED above
the Delay Start 38 are lit. The display counts down
the delay time.
After the delay time has elapsed, a signal sounds
and the heating and pressure build-up phase starts
• You can also set the delay time after you have set the
cooking program. To do that, make the settings for the
cooking program, but then do not press the Start but-
ton Start 44. Then proceed with steps 2. to 5. as de-
scribed. At the end, start the delay time with the Start
button Start 44.
• You can cancel the process at any time using the Can-
cel button Keep Warm/Cancel 37.
11. Individual cooking
11.1 Searing (
The searing program (Sear/Sauté 41) is intended for
the brief searing of small quantities. This program allows
you e.g. to sear mincemeat before adding other ingredi-
ents and continuing cooking using another program.
Special features of this program
This program works without pressure and with the
lid 5 open.
Cooking with a delay time is not possible.
The cooking time is set to 30 minutes and cannot be
Proceed as follows
Place a little cooking oil into the pot 7.
Place the pot 7 into the base unit 17.
Connect the device to the power supply.
Press the Searing button Sear/Sauté 41 and then
the Start button Start 44. The device starts to pre-
When the frying temperature has been reached, Hot
appears in the display 29. Now add the food and
fry it while stirring.
The base of the pot 7 should be just barely covered.
If you want to sear more, do it in portions.
When you have finished searing, press the Cancel
button Keep Warm/Cancel 37. The display 29
will show OFF. The device is in standby mode.
NOTE: when the preset cooking time of 30 minutes has
elapsed, the device automatically switches to the warm
11.2 Making yoghurt (
The yoghurt program Yogurt 43 allows you to make yo-
ghurt yourself. To do this, you require yoghurt cultures or
fresh yoghurt and milk. All commercially available milk va-
rieties (raw milk, pasteurised fresh milk, long-life milk and
UHT milk) are suitable.
Raw milk always needs to be pasteurised in an initial step.
For pasteurised fresh milk, long-life milk and UHT milk, this
step is not necessary.
For the actual yoghurt production, yoghurt cultures / a little
fresh yoghurt is added. The actual yoghurt production then
takes place at moderate warmth.
• For 1 litre of milk, add 200 g of fresh yoghurt (with
live cultures).
• If you use yoghurt cultures, see the information from
the manufacturer for quantities.
• Use milk that is as fresh as possible, which you have
freshly opened, and ensure that all kitchen utensils you
use have been thoroughly cleaned.

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