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Honeywell BendixKing AV8OR 3D User Manual page 69

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Configuration Settings
INU Settings
Menu Choice
Altimeter mode
Barometric settings
Reset connection
Simulation Settings
Menu Choice
Start / Stop
Position at
Simulation rate
Available Settings
Barometric or GPS altitude
Used to calibrate the display with the baro-
metric sensor in the INU.
In the Barometric Settings field, press the
display to highlight the barometric number.
Use the rocker button on the top of the tablet
PC to adjust the barometric setting up or
If the INU is not set perfectly flat in the aircraft,
you can specify the pitch and bank angles by
tapping to highlight the field and using the
rocker button on the top of the tablet PC to
adjust the setting up or down.
Resets the connection between the INU and the
tablet PC.
Available Settings
Starts or stops a simulation flight
Set the current position of your aircraft in the
the simulation. To change:
1) Tap in the field to display the Virtual
2) Enter the position code and press ENTER.
Tap in the field to enter a faster rate and speed
travel between waypoints.
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