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Displaying The Nearest Object - Honeywell BendixKing AV8OR 3D User Manual

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Displaying the Nearest Object

To display the nearest airport or waypoint:
Press the NRST button on the tablet PC.
The Nearest function displays a list of the closest objects.
Select a Nearest type from the list on the left side of the screen.
The type can be selected to show information about the closest airports, inter-
sections, VORs, or NDBs.
Inserts a new destination or waypoint in the flight plan.
The default edit line appears at the end of the flight
plan. If you select an existing line in the flight plan and
tap Insert, the new line will appear above the high-
lighted line.
Deletes the highlighted airport or waypoint.
Scrolls up the list.
Scrolls down the list.
Reverses the course of your flight plan.
Activates the highlighted flight plan
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