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Top Information Area; Bottom Information Area - Honeywell BendixKing AV8OR 3D User Manual

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Understanding the AV8OR 3D Display

Top Information Area

The display information at the top of the tablet PC shows the following items:

Bottom Information Area

The position data area is located at the bottom of the screen. It provides a quick
reference to important flight data.
From left to right, it displays:
position of the aircraft.
current time expressed locally (departing airport) as well as the UTC time.
next waypoint if a flight plan is activated, as well as the identifier of the
nearest airport. Both of these items show the bearing to it (BRG), the distance
to it (DST), and the estimated time en route (ETE) to reach that point, based
on the current ground speed of the aircraft.
Estimated local time of arrival
The estimated time of arrival (ETA) is given in the time
zone set on the PC, not necessarily the time zone of the
departure airport. If you cross a time zone, the ETA
will not change to reflect the time in the new time zone.
Button function/menu area: displays the functions
attached to these buttons depending on the mode you
are using:
Current ground speed in knots
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