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Using On-Screen Menus - Honeywell BendixKing AV8OR 3D User Manual

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Using On-screen Menus

Arrow Keypad
The arrow keypad has three modes of use:
Zoom Mode
The up and down arrows can be used for zooming, and the left and right arrows
can be used for controlling the brightness of the display.
Pan Mode
Use the arrow keys to pan up, down, left, and right of your aircraft position, or
around airport diagrams or approach charts.
Menu Mode
While the menu is active, use the arrow keys to move up and down within the
menu. The center button in the arrow keypad can be used to select a particular
menu option.
Using On-screen Menus
AV8OR 3D has a menu providing easy access to the many features of the software.
This menu is activated by pressing the MENU button in the Top Information
Area. A list of menu items will appear on the left side of the screen. Menu items
can be opened by using either the stylus or the arrow keypad, and then pressing
When the menu is displayed, the left and up arrows move the cursor in the list of
items in the menu. The Select button selects the highlighted item. Pressing the
Menu button again hides the menus. It is also possible to select an item in the
menu by tapping on its button with the stylus. The following screen shows the
menu choices on the left and the table describes their functions.
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