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Inu Panel Indicators; Attaching The Mount - Honeywell BendixKing AV8OR 3D User Manual

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Attaching the Mount

INU Panel Indicators

The power LED is green.
When the GPS or INU LED is blinking, it indicates that some data packets are
being lost. This could occur for multiple reasons:
Attaching the Mount
An optional mounting plate is available for the tablet PC. The plate is compatible
with the RAM mounting system, with options available to fit most aircraft. (See
RAM at
As opposed to a 2D navigation, the synthetic vision provided by AV8OR 3D is best
viewed in a heads-up manner. The tablet PC should be mounted on the yoke
panel or similar location as opposed to a knee-board mount.
Poor Bluetooth connection can occur if the tablet PC and the INU are too
far apart from each other or if there are obstacles between the two devices
blocking the signal. Try fixing by relocating the tablet and INU.
INU hardware malfunction.
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