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Activating Approach Procedures - Honeywell BendixKing AV8OR 3D User Manual

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Nearest with an Airport Type
If you choose an airport, the central table displays a list of airports, including its
name, bearing and distance from the aircraft position, elevation, and the longest
runway length.
The bottom part of the dialog displays the name of the airport, exact location,
basic information about the runways, and the most useful frequencies in use at
this airport.
Select the Info button to display a page containing detailed information about the
airport runways and frequencies, as well as remarks regarding the airport.
Some airports have a detailed diagram. In this case, the View button activates and
you can press it to display this diagram.
If you have the live weather option, some airports will have weather information
which you can access by pressing the Wx button on the right side of the dialog.
This displays a decoded version of the last received METAR and TAF for the
selected airport.
Nearest with a Weather Station Type (Wx)
If you have the live weather option, the Wx type will be available.
Select Wx to display only the airports for which weather data is available. In this
case, the bottom part of the dialog displays the METAR and the TAF report.

Activating Approach Procedures

While in flight, you can activate approach procedures for an airport. The Proce-
dure function is useful for selecting an instrument procedure, displaying it on the
2D and 3D maps, and displaying its approach plate.
To activate a procedure:
Press the Menu button to display the menu options.
Press the Proc button.
The waypoints and airports in your flight plan are displayed.
Press to highlight the airport.
You now have the following choices:
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