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Selecting The Barometer Or Gps; Creating A Flight Plan - Honeywell BendixKing AV8OR 3D User Manual

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Selecting the Barometer or GPS

To select the barometer:
Press the Altitude Settings box at the bottom of the altimeter tape to display
the INU/Simu tab of the Setup screen.
In the Altimeter field a pull-down menu allows you to choose Barometric alti-
tude or GPS altitude.
Critical to safe flight:
If you choose Barometric pressure, you must enter the current area pressure
into the "Barometric Settings" field in order to have a more accurate altitude.
Since the INU pressure sensor is inside the cabin, pressure readings may vary
slightly from outside static pressure. INU barometric pressure should behave
similarly to your aircraft's alternate static source.
To change the altimeter setting, press the Barometric Settings field to high-
light the barometric number.
Use the rocker button on the top of the tablet PC to adjust the barometric
setting up or down.
Barometric settings may be set using either hPa (hectopascal) or inHg (inch of
GPS altitude must be used in pressurized aircraft.

Creating a Flight Plan

To create a new flight plan:
Select Menu to display the Menu buttons on the main screen.
Select the FPL to display the Flight Plan screen.
The Flight plan function displays all the flight plans that were saved in the
C:\VistaNav\FlightPlans directory on the tablet PC. This includes the flight
plans generated by AV8OR 3D itself, as well as flight plans created with
compatible flight planning software that have been saved at this location.
Available flight plans may be edited, activated or deleted from the Flight Plan
screen using the menu on the right of the screen.
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