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Course Deviation Indicator - Honeywell BendixKing AV8OR 3D User Manual

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Understanding the AV8OR 3D Display
Barometric Pressure
The altitude provided is computed using the pressure sensor built into the INU,
in reference to barometric pressure at sea level or as advised by Air Traffic
Control (ATC). If barometric pressure is not available, such as in a pressurized
aircraft, GPS altitude may be alternatively selected
Vertical Speed
Vertical speed is indicated by a numeric value and a green arrow that moves next
to a blue scale within the altitude tape. The graduations on the blue scale are in
thousands of feet per minute. The position of the numeric value depends on the
direction of the vertical speed. When in level flight, the arrow and the numerical
value are not displayed.
Target Altitude
The target altitude is displayed only when an instrument procedure is activated.
It shows what the altitude of the aircraft should be at the current position in rela-
tion to the approach.

Course Deviation Indicator

The course deviation indicator (CDI) is only displayed when an instrument proce-
dure or a flight plan is activated.
The direction of the deflection of the CDI depends on the position of the aircraft,
not on its track. Therefore, when the track is roughly following the course of the
activated flight plan, CDI sensing is normal. If, for example, the magenta triangle
is to the left, a left correction must be applied.
When a flight plan is activated, a full deviation represents five nautical miles; one
dot represents 1 nautical mile.
When an instrument procedure is activated, a full deviation of the
CDI represents 2.5º.
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