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Introduction; Notational Conventions - Toshiba SD-M1201 Manual

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The DVD-ROM drive reads digital data stored on DVD-ROM (Digital Versatile Disc), DVD-R, CD-R
or CD-RW.
The DVD-ROM drive supports the encryption algorithm CSS (Contents Scramble System)
developed to protect against illegal pirated copies of DVD videos.
The DVD-ROM drive supports the RPC-II (Phase II System of Regional Playback Control) function.
This function enables the final user to change the country code of the drive up to five times to play
back corresponding DVD videos.
The DVD-ROM drive has a Ultra-SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) interface. Therefore, in
order to operate the drive the system unit must have an appropriate SCSI host adapter and the
required SCSI drivers must be installed.
This manual contains all the information you require to install and operate the DVD-ROM drive
(short name: DVD drive).
Target group
To install the drive, you need some knowledge of hardware. Make sure you observe the instructions
in the "Important notes" chapter of your system unit's Operating Manual.
In the event of any problems occurring, please contact your sales outlet or our customer service
Further information
For details of the drive mounting procedure refer to the Operating Manual or Technical Manual of
your system unit.
Information on the SCSI host adapter is contained in the Technical Manual of the SCSI host adapter
or in the Operating Manual or Technical Manual of your system unit.
Information on the required SCSI drivers is provided in the documentation accompanying the

Notational conventions

The meanings of the symbols and fonts used in this manual are as follows:
Pay particular attention to texts marked with this symbol. Failure to observe this warning
endangers your life, destroys the system, or may lead to loss of data.
Supplementary information, remarks and tips follow this symbol.

Texts which follow this symbol describe activities that must be performed in the order shown.

This symbol means that you must enter a blank space at this point.
Italic text highlights file names, menu items, command names and messages in the body of the
manual text. In addition, inputs that you are required to make also appear in italics.
"Quotation marks" indicate names of chapters, disks and terms that are being emphasized.
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