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Safety Instructions - Maytag Performa PER4510 User Manual

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Table of Contents
Important Safety Instructions
Read and follow all instructions before
using this appliance to prevent the poten-
tial risk of fire, electric shock, personal
injury or damage to the appliance as a
result of improper usage of the appliance.
Use appliance only for its intended pur-
pose as described in this guide.
To ensure proper and safe operation: Ap-
pliance must be properly installed and
grounded by a qualified technician.
To reduce risk of tipping of the
appliance from abnormal usage or
by excessive loading of the oven
door, the appliance must be se-
cured by a properly installed anti-
tip device.
To check if device is properly installed,
look underneath range with a flashlight to
make sure one of the rear leveling legs is
properly engaged in the bracket slot. The
anti-tip device secures the rear leveling
leg to the floor when properly engaged.
You should check this anytime the range
has been moved.
In Case of Fire
Turn off appliance and ventilating hood to
avoid spreading the flame. Extinguish
flame then turn on hood to remove smoke
and odor.
Cooktop: Smother fire or flame in a pan
with a lid or cookie sheet.
NEVER pick up or move a flaming pan.
Oven: Smother fire or flame by closing
the oven door.
Do not use water on grease fires. Use
baking soda, a dry chemical or foam-type
extinguisher to smother fire or flame.
WARNING: NEVER use appliance door,
or drawer, if equipped, as a step stool or
seat as this may result in possible tipping
of the appliance, damage to the appliance,
and serious injuries.
If appliance is installed near a window,
proper precautions should be taken to
prevent curtains from blowing over sur-
face elements.
NEVER use appliance to warm or heat the
room. Failure to follow this instruction
can lead to possible burns, injury, fire, or
damage to the appliance.
NEVER wear loose-fitting or hanging gar-
ments while using the appliance. Cloth-
ing could catch utensil handles or ignite
and cause burns if garment comes in con-
tact with hot heating elements.
To ensure proper operation and to avoid
damage to the appliance or injury, do not
adjust, service, repair or replace any part
of the appliance unless specifically rec-
ommended in this guide. Refer all other
servicing to a qualified technician.
NEVER store or use gasoline or other
combustible or flammable materials in
the oven, near surface units or in the vicin-
ity of this appliance as fumes could create
a fire hazard or an explosion.
To prevent grease fires, do not let cooking
grease or other flammable materials accu-
mulate in or near the appliance.
Use only dry potholders. Moist or damp
potholders on hot surfaces may result in a
steam burn. Do not let potholders touch
hot heating elements. Do not use a towel
or other bulky cloth which could easily
touch hot heating elements and ignite.
Always turn off all controls when cooking
is completed.
NEVER heat unopened containers on the
surface unit or in the oven. Pressure build-
up in the container may cause container to
burst resulting in burns, injury or damage
to the appliance.
NEVER use aluminum foil to cover an
oven rack or oven bottom. Misuse could
result in risk of electric shock, fire, or dam-
age to the appliance. Use foil only as di-
rected in this guide.
Many aerosol-type cans are EXPLOSIVE
when exposed to heat and may be highly
flammable. Avoid their use or storage near
This appliance has been tested for safe
performance using conventional cook-
ware. Do not use any devices or accesso-
ries that are not specifically recommended
in this manual. Do not use eyelid covers,
stove top grills or add-on oven convection
systems. The use of devices or accessories
that are not expressly recommended in
this manual can create serious safety haz-
ards, result in performance problems, and
reduce the life of the components of this
NEVER leave surface units unattended
especially when using high heat settings.
An unattended boilover could cause smok-
ing and a greasy spillover can cause a fire.
This appliance has different size surface
elements. Select pans having flat bottoms
large enough to cover element. Proper
relationship of pan to element will im-
prove cooking efficiency.
If pan is smaller than element, a portion of
the element will be exposed and could
ignite clothing or potholder.


Table of Contents

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