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Oven Cooking - Maytag Performa PER4510 User Manual

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Table of Contents

Oven Cooking

Oven Control
NOTE: The display will flash when the appliance is first connected to power or if power is interrupted. The display will stop flashing
once time-of-day clock has been set. The Bake, Broil and Timer indicators light when function is pressed.
Cancel Pad
Press to cancel all operations except the
clock and timer.
Press and tap, or press and hold, to enter
the desired time, temperature, or to select
HI or LO broil.
Bake Pad
Use for baking or roasting.
1. Press Bake pad.
2. Press
pad to set the oven
See page 6 for additional information.
Broil Pad
Use for top browning and broiling.
1. Press Broil pad.
2. Press
pad for Hi or Lo broil.
See page 6 for additional information.
Setting the Clock
1. If the display is flashing, press the
Clock pad to stop the flashing, then
press the Clock pad again.
If the colon is not flashing, press the
Clock pad.
The clock time cannot be set if the
control is programmed for a bake,
broil or timing operation.
2. Set the correct time of day using the
pads. If the
pressed within 30 seconds, the pro-
gram will cancel. Press the Clock pad
and begin again.
Setting the Timer
The timer can be set from one minute (:01)
up to 11 hours and 50 minutes (11:50).
Time will be displayed in minutes and
not in seconds. THE TIMER DOES NOT
1. Press the Timer pad.
:00 will light and the Timer indica-
tor light will flash in the display.
2. Press the
pad until the desired
time is displayed.
The timer will begin as soon as the
time is set.
The flashing colon indicates that a
timing operation is in progress. (The
colon will not flash if the time of
day or oven temperature is
The timer countdown will be
displayed unless another function
is programmed after setting the
A single beep signals the end of the
operation. "END" will appear in
the display. If the time of day or
oven temperature is displayed
"END" will not appear.
pad is not
A short beep will sound every 30
seconds for ten minutes to remind
you that the operation has com-
pleted. "END" remains in the
display until Cancel pad is
- If desired, press the Clock pad
and the time of day will reap-
pear in the display during a
timing operation.
3. Press the Cancel pad and the time of
day will reappear in the display.
To cancel the timer operation: Press and
hold the Timer pad for several seconds.
Additional Information
A beep will sound each time a func-
tion pad is pressed. There is no beep
for the
If a fault code (example: F2) is dis-
played and beeps sound, press the
Cancel pad. If the fault code contin-
ues, see page 10.


Table of Contents

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