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Hitachi SRL Series Instruction Manual page 3

Oilfree scroll compressor
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Safety Precautions (continued)
Items requiring extra safety attention are described below. Observe the items described below, as well
as other items in the instruction manual that require safety attention.
● Do not use the air compressor to compress any gas other than air.
Using the air compressor to compress any gas other than air may lead to damage of the air compressor.
● SRL air compressors are not designed, intended or approved for breathing air applications. Hitachi does
not approve specialized equipment for breathing air applications and assumes no responsiblity or liability
for compressors used for breathing air services.
● If the scroll air compressor is used for any important production equipment, it is highly recommended to
utilize a back up air compressor.
A back up air compressor will keep production running in the event of a failure to an air compressor.
● Oil, dust and abrasive powder may be present in the air, and can be ingested into the air compressor
and mixed into the compressed air discharge.
Installation Safety Precautions
Avoid installing the air compressor in the dangerous areas described below:
● Avoid places subject to rain, water and/or high humidity.
Failure to adhere to this precaution
may cause electric current leakage,
rust and/or reduction in air compressor
● Avoid outdoor installation or areas
subject to direct sunlight.
Failure to adhere to this
precaution may cause air
compressor overheating,
discoloration, alteration
and/or deterioration.
● Avoid areas where corrosive gases are present, such as:
organic solvents (benzene, toluene, etc.), acid, chloride gas,
ozone gas, ammonia, significant oil mists
and/or bromine.
Failure to adhere to this precaution may
cause rust to the air compressor components
and/or reduction in air compressor life.
● Make sure that the installation ares has sufficient space for ventilation cooling. The compressor should
operate at room temperature in between 32 ゜ F and 104° F. If the room temperature exceeds104° F,
the air compressor's protective devices will stop compressor operation.
Excessive temperatures may lead to reduction in bearing life, seal life and seizure of the scroll head.
● Do not install the air compressors in a high location where the air compressor or air compressor parts
can be dropped.
● Install a pressure tight, heat resistant rubber hose at the compressed air discharge.
Do not use improper rubber hose or flexible tubing as they may crack and/or break.
● Verify that the power supply is 208/230/460 volt, 3 phase, 60 Hertz.
Failure to adhere to this precaution may cause motor and/or start failure.
● Do not install heavy objects, such as a filter, directly on the compressed air discharge.
Installing heavy objects on the compressed air discharge can cause damage to the piping and/or an accident.
● Avoid areas subject to foreign matter, such as: iron powder,
sand dust, powdered dust, wood chips, textile waste, stone
powder, and fine iron powder fumes.
Failure to adhere to this precaution
may cause premature clogging of
the air filter and aftercooler fins,
excessive temperature rise,
air compressor
damage and
reduction in life
and/or explosive
● Avoid areas of close proximity to explosives and/or flammable
gases, such as: acetylene, propane gas, organic solvents,
explosive powdered dust and/or fire.
Failure to adhere to this precaution
may cause accidents.

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