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Daily Operation - Hitachi SRL Series Instruction Manual

Oilfree scroll compressor
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4 Daily Operation

① Completely open the stop valve on the air receiver.
② Verify that the earth leakage (ground) circuit breaker is ON.
③ Turn ON the main power supply.
④ Select appropriate operation control mode of the air compressor.
⑤ Press the Start switch.
⑥ Automatic operation turns ON.
■ Stop
① Press the Stop switch.
② Completely open the vertical air receiver stop valve to remove the residual pressure and depressurize
the system to 0 psig.
③ Turn OFF the main power.
● Do not operate a damaged and/or improperly activated air compressor.
● Do not put any human body parts near the rotating parts of the air compressor during operation, as
they may become entangled and result in a serious injury. Take note that the air compressor has the
capability to automatically restart without notice.
● Do not touch the discharge piping in the front of the scroll head or the air piping leading to the air
receiver and the check valve, as they reach excessively high temperatures during operation and
 immediately after the air compressor has stopped. Failure to adhere to this precaution may lead to
● Since the air compressor has the capacity to automatically start and stop when the Start switch has
been pressed, press the Stop switch and turn off the main power supply prior to inspecting the inside
of the air compressor.
● If the ambient temperature is above 104° F, the pressure indicated on the digital display may not read
0 psig, even if the air receiver has been de-pressurized. Ventilate to lower the ambient temperature.
● In the case of a power failure and/or electric storm, ensure that the main power supply has been
turned off. Pay attention that residual pressure may exist since there is no digital display.

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