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Hitachi SRL Series Instruction Manual page 2

Oilfree scroll compressor
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● The SRL air compressor is a piece of equipment for producing compressed air. The use of the SRL air
compressor should be limited to general industry. Since handling compressed air can be dangerous, the
operator should use the SRL air compressor only after acquiring technical knowledge. HITACHI
assumes no responsibility for machine failure, personal injury or an accident caused by the use of the
SRL air compressor without the operator acquiring relevant technical knowledge.
● The SRL air compressor is designed for indoor use.
● Personnel in charge of operation, maintenance and inspections of the SRL air compressor should have
easy access to this instruction manual.
● Thoroughly read this instruction manual and the SRL warning label to obtain vital information regarding:
○ Proper Installation
○ Safety Guidelines
● Observe the operating ranges of the air compressor in the instruction manual prior to use. To prevent
failures from occurring, perform proper maintenance and inspection.
● Do not operate, handle or modify the air compressor in any way that is not described in the instruction
manual and use genuine HITACHI parts when performing maintenance. HITACHI shall assume no
responsibility for any accidents and/or failures to the air compressor attributed to the above.
● If any description in the instruction manual in unclear, please contact the local Hitachi distributor.
● Sections of this instruction manual may be subject to change without notice.
● If service is required and/or an alarm occurs, please contact the local Hitachi distributor with the
following information:
○ Model and Serial Number
○ Vital information regarding the status of the air compressor (for example, alarm information in as
much detail as possible).
● Do not reprint and/or reproduce any section of this instruction manual without permission from Hitachi.
Improper use of the Oilfree Scroll Air Compressor may result in an accident or injury. Thoroughly read the
instruction manual before proceeding with installation, operation, maintenance or inspection of the air
compressor. Before using the air compressor, become familiar with all of the air compressor equipment,
safety information and the safety precautions. Dangerous and important information are highlighted by
the WARNING and CAUTION graphics. These graphic descriptions are detailed below.
This is a warning. If handled improperly, death or severe injury could result.
This is a caution. If handled improperly, injury and/or physical damage could result.
Serious injury indicates the following could occur: blindness, injury, burns (mild and
Serious injury :
excessive), electric shock, and/or toxic poisoning that require hospitalization or long
term medical treatment.
Injury indicates the following could occur: burns, electric shock that does not require
Injury :
hospitalization or long term medical treatment.
Property damage means the following could occur: breaks and/or damage to
Property Damage :
This is a Prohibited Operation.
Any operation illustrated by this symbol is strictly prohibited.
These safety precautions cover vital safety aspects of the Oilfree Scroll Air Compressor. Make sure to
establish safety measures in accordance with local and national codes and standards.
Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd. shall assume no responsibility for anything resulting from
disregard to these safety precautions.
○ Proper Operation
○ Warning and Caution Information
Safety Precautions
Graphic Descriptions
○ Maintenance and Inspection

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