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Hitachi SRL Series Instruction Manual page 27

Oilfree scroll compressor
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Maintenance and Inspection (continued)
● The inside of the air compressor may be extremely hot right after the operation. Therefore, wait at least
30 minutes before performing the maintenance and inspection.
● Operating the air compressor continuously without performing maintenance and inspection may
result in serious accidents and/or damage to the air compressor.
● Turn off the main power supply and vent the pressurized air in the air compressor prior to performing
any maintenance or inspections. This will prevent electric shock and/or personal injury.
● The maintenance and inspection schedule is not guaranteed and is designed for normal operating
conditions. The maintenance and inspection schedule may change, depending on the operating
conditions. (temperature, humidity, high dust, etc.). If the operating conditions are severe, use a more
frequent maintenance and inspection time interval to prevent accidents and/or damage to the air
● If the operating conditions cause the air compressor to operate in excessive temperatures, perform
maintenance and inspection more frequently.
● Do not disassemble the scroll head. Disassembling the scroll head may lead to air compressor failure
and/or accidents.
When the maintenance or overhaul time arises, the digital display will show the following messages:
"A.nnT" or "A.OH" (please see page 30 for message indication) and the maintenance alarm light will
illuminate. Press the Screen Shift Switch and check whether the air compressor package or Scroll
Head requires maintenance or an overhaul. The operation time of the components that are in need of
maintenance or overhaul will flash in red.
Note: There may be instances where both air compressor package and the Scroll Head require maintenance.
● The Maintenance Alarm Light will illuminate for the air compressor package every 2,500 hours.
(the same for both 122 & 145 psig models).
● Maintenance Alarm Light will light for the Scroll Head at the hours detailed below:
122PSIG model : 9,500 hours
145PSIG model : 4,500 hours
and the overhaul warning:
        122PSIG model : 19,000 - 19,500 hours
        145PSIG model : 9,000 - 9,500 hours
● Be sure to perform all maintenance and overhauls according to the maintenance schedule. Contact
the local Hitachi distributor, in order to reset the warning.
Maintenance Period Notification
EX. Pressure
Overhaul Period Notification
EX. Pressure

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