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Sony 3-289-204-12(1) Operating Instructions Manual Page 127

Sony multi channel av receiver operating instructions.
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Audio format which extends the conventional
DTS Digital Surround format.
This format consists of a core and an
extension, and the core part has DTS Digital
Surround compatibility. There are two kinds of
DTS-HD, DTS-HD High Resolution Audio
and DTS-HD Master Audio. DTS-HD High
Resolution Audio has a maximum
transmission rate of 6 Mbps, with lossy
compression (Lossy), and DTS-HD High
Resolution Audio corresponds to a maximum
sampling frequency of 96 kHz, and a
maximum of 7.1 ch. DTS-HD Master Audio
has a the maximum transmission rate of
24.5 Mbps, and uses lossless
compression(Lossless), and DTS-HD Master
Audio corresponds to a maximum sampling
frequency of 192 kHz, and a maximum of 7.1
x DTS Neo:6
This technology converts 2 channels stereo
recorded audio for 7 channels playback. There
are two modes to select according to the
playback source or your preference, CINEMA
for movies, and MUSIC for stereo sources
such as music.
x HDMI (High-Definition
Multimedia Interface)
HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia
Interface) is an interface that supports both
video and audio on a single digital connection,
allowing you to enjoy high quality digital
picture and sound. The HDMI specification
supports HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital
Contents Protection), a copy protection
technology that incorporates coding
technology for digital video signals.
x High Bitrate Audio
It refers to the audio formats of the
compression method (DTS-HD Master Audio,
Dolby TrueHD, etc.) which is a high bitrate
format recorded mainly on Blu-ray Disc etc.
x Interlace
A scanning method which completes a picture
by displaying half of the lines on a tube surface
of a TV or monitor each 1/60 second. First, all
the odd-numbered lines are drawn, leaving
spaces between each line, then all the even-
numbered lines are drawn to fill the spaces.
"i" of "480i" stands for "Interlace".
x L.F.E. (Low Frequency Effects)
Sound effects of low frequencies which are
output from a subwoofer in Dolby Digital or
DTS, etc. By adding a deep bass with a
frequency between 20 to 120 Hz, audio
becomes more powerful.
x Neural-THX
Surround is taking surround
sound to the next level. This revolutionary new
technology delivers the rich envelopment and
discrete image detail of surround sound in a
format that is fully compatible with stereo.
Neural-THX Surround reduces the bandwidth
needed for broadcasters to deliver true, multi
channel surround presentations, and enables
7.1-channel support for gaming and movies.
By unmasking the audio details, typically lost
by other playback systems, audiences will
experience the deep ambience and subtle
details of movies, music and games. And with
this technology being used by sound designers
during content creation, as well as embedded
into playback devices, Neural-THX Surround
promises a listening experience that is true to
the original mix.
Neural-THX Surround has been chosen as the
official surround sound broadcast format for
XM Satellite Radio's "XM HD Surround", as
well as other leading FM/HD radio stations
For additional information, please visit
x PCM (Pulse Code Modulation)
A method of converting analog audio to digital
audio for easy enjoyment of digital sound.


Table of Contents

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