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Power Line For External Power Supply Terminal; Installation Environment Of The Cc-Link/Lt Module And The As-I Module - Mitsubishi Electric MELSEC-Q Series User Manual

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Power line for external power supply terminal

Use a CE-marked AC/DC power supply for an external power supply of
the modules, and the power cable length needs to be less than 30m
(98.43 ft.).
*1 The power cable length for the A1SJ71E71N-B5 needs to be less than 3m
(9.84 ft.).
Install noise filters to external supply power terminals of the I/O module
and the modules below.
Use noise filters whose damping characteristic is equivalent to that of
the MA1206 produced by TDK Lambda Corporation.
• Analog-digital converter module
• Digital-analog converter module
• Analog I/O module
• Temperature input module
• Temperature control module
• Pulse input module
• High-speed counter module
• Positioning module
Installation environment of the CC-Link/LT module
and the AS-I module
(1) CC-Link/LT module
Use the module under the environment of Zone A*1.
For the categories of the following products, refer to the manual
came with each product.
• CL1Y4-R1B1
• CL1Y4-R1B2
• CL1XY4-DR1B2
• CL1XY8-DR1B2
(2) AS-i module
Use the module under the environment of Zone A*1.
*1 Zone defines categories according to industrial environment,
specified in the EMC and Low Voltage Directives, EN61131-2.
Zone C: Factory mains (isolated from public mains by
Zone B: Dedicated power distribution, secondary surge
Zone A: Local power distribution, protected from dedicated
dedicated transformer)
protection (rated voltage: 300V or less)
power distribution by AC/DC converter and insulation
transformer (rated voltage: 120V or less)



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