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Sony Mavica MVC-FD91 Operating Instructions Manual Page 48

Sony digital still camera operating instructions.
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÷ Function guide
SteadyShot function – p. 36
The SteadyShot function detects shaking in the camera and
compensates for it. This is a very handy function when pictures are
being taken with the camera hand-held. When the camera is
mounted on a tripod and there is no concern about the camera
vibrating from shaky hands, release the SteadyShot function to get a
more natural picture.
White balance – p. 37
White can look like some other color depending on what the light
source is. Clothes that are white under natural sunlight may look
yellow under incandescent bulbs and blue under fluorescent lamps.
The automatic white balance (AWB) mode adjusts for this difference
in light source so that a white object will always look the same. The
white balance adjustment allows white colors to look more natural.
When do you use it?
Examples of picture-taking conditions
• If the subject or background is all
the same color.
• At night-time with neon or fireworks
in the picture
• At sunset or sundown
• Under daytime-fluorescent light
• If the lighting conditions, like those
at a party, are changing.
• If the picture is being taken in a studio
lit by TV lighting.
• If the subject is being lit by sodium- or
mercury-vapor lamps.
∑ One-push white balance
This function is for manually adjusting white balance to suit lighting
conditions and then keeping the adjustment set. As long as there are
no changes in lighting conditions, the subject can be taken in its
natural color and the surrounding conditions will not affect the
White balance indicator



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