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Sony Mavica MVC-FD91 Operating Instructions Manual: Function Guide

Sony digital still camera operating instructions.
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Function guide

Spot light-metering mode – p. 11
This camera has an automatic exposure (AE) function that
automatically decides what the best exposure is. Complete
photometry uses light meter data for the entire picture to calculate
and determine exposure value. Use the spot light-metering mode to
take a picture with the appropriate exposure for just the point you
want to focus on.
When do you use it?
• When there is backlight.
• When there is strong contrast between subject and background
such as with a subject that is on stage and lighted by a spotlight.
Manual focusing – p. 36
This camera has an automatic focusing (AF: autofocus) function.
Autofocus requires adequate light and the right kind of contrast
between light and dark. When it is hard to use autofocus, use
manual focus.
When do you use it?
• When focus cannot be determined because the subject is on the
opposite side of a window that has water drops on it.
• When you are using a tripod and want to fix focus on a
stationary object.
• When contrast between subject and background is low.
• When you want to change the position of focus.
LCD screen or viewfinder
Spot light-metering range



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