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BLADEZ BF-6.5E Owner's Manual

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BLADEZ Corporation
20155 Ellipse
Foothill Ranch, CA 92610
Phone: 949-206-0330
Fax: 949-206-0350
Revised: 9/07/2004



  Summary of Contents for BLADEZ BF-6.5E

  • Page 1 ELLIPTICAL BF-6.5E OWNER’S MANUAL BLADEZ Corporation 20155 Ellipse Foothill Ranch, CA 92610 Phone: 949-206-0330 Fax: 949-206-0350 Email: Revised: 9/07/2004...
  • Page 2: How Long Does The Coverage Last

    MANUFACTURER’S LIMTED WARRANTY WHAT DOES THE WARRANTY COVER? This warranty covers your fitness product against defects in material and workmanship when used for the purpose intended, under normal conditions provided it receives proper care. The warranty is extended only to the original owner and is not transferable. HOW LONG DOES THE COVERAGE LAST? •...
  • Page 3: Overview Drawing

  • Page 4 PRE-ASSEMBLY CHECK LIST BF 6.5E Item Description Item Description Lower Frame Assembly Spacer Upright Tube Cover Left Handrail Left Upper Cover Right Handrail Bolt 5x20 Bolt M8x20 (5/16"x20) Right Upper Cover Plastic Cap Adapter Console Front Foot Wrench Roller Cap Bolt M8x20 (5/16"x20) Bolt M6x15 (1/4"x15 Spring Washer M8 (5/16")
  • Page 5: Assembly Instructions

    ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS Attach the wires together from the upright tube to the main assembly. Assemble the upright tube (X) to the lower frame assembly (A) using 4 bolts (U) and 4 spring washers (V). Attach the water bottle holder to the frame using 2 bolts (Z1).
  • Page 6 ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS Using a bolt (Q) and a plastic cap (R), assemble the left and right handrail to the upright tube. Slide the axle into the front bearing assembly of the connector post. Attach to the handrail using 2 machine screws (M).
  • Page 7 ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS Insert the front foot (G) into the frame (A) and insert and tighten 2 bolts (I) per side. Then slide the roller caps on (H).
  • Page 8 OPERATION GUIDE BF 6.5E Explanation of Keys + - Keys: Increases the values of the program and increases the resistance while using the machine. ENTER/SELECT – Enters and selects values during programming. While exercising, this key also changes the rpm value to speed (mph or kph). START/STOP/RESET –...
  • Page 9 OPERATION GUIDE BF 6.5E Operation of the BF 6.5E 1. Plug the electrical cord into the base of the unit and into a grounded outlet. 2. Quick Start – Press START and you may begin exercising in the manual mode. The time will count up from 00:00 and you may adjust the resistance using the + - keys.
  • Page 10 OPERATION GUIDE BF 6.5E 5. If desired, you can preset a time goal for your workout. After entering the program you want to use, TIME will be blinking. After using the + - keys to get to your desired goal, press ENTER. Then press START to begin the workout. Note: Each segment will be 1/10 of the time goal, so if a time goal of 30 minutes is set, each segment will be 3 minutes.
  • Page 11: Parts List

    PARTS LIST Description Q'ty Description Q'ty 1 Upright Column 57 Sprocket 2 Computer 58 Sensor 59 Magnet 60 Bolt M5X15 5 Long Wire 1200M/M 61 Bearing Holder 6 Short Wire 700M/M 62 Bolt M5X12 63 Bolt M5X20 64 Idler Pulley 9 Bolt M4X12 65 Adjust Bolt M6X105 10 Hand Pulse...
  • Page 12 EXPLODED VIEW BF 6.5E...