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Introduction; About This Handbook - HP 12C Platinum User Manual

Financial calculator.
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About This Handbook

This HP 12c Platinum user's guide is intended to help you get the most out of your
investment in your HP 12c Platinum Programmable Financial Calculator. Although
the excitement of acquiring this powerful financial tool may prompt you to set this
handbook aside and immediately begin "pressing buttons," in the long run you'll
profit by reading through this handbook and working through the examples it
Following this introduction is a brief section called Making Financial Calculations
Easy—which shows you that your HP 12c Platinum does just that! The remainder of
this handbook is organized basically into three parts:
Part I (sections 1 through 7) describes how to use the various financial,
mathematics, statistics, and other functions (except for programming)
provided in the calculator:
Section 1 is about Getting Started. It tells you how to use the keyboard,
how to do simple arithmetic calculations and chain calculations, and
how to use the storage registers ("memories").
Section 2 tells you how to use the percentage and calendar functions.
Section 3 tells you how to use the simple interest, compound interest, and
amortization functions.
Section 4 tells you how to do discounted cash flow analysis, bond, and
depreciation calculations.
Section 5 tells you about miscellaneous operating features such as
Continuous Memory, the display, and special function keys.
Sections 6 and 7 tell you how to use the statistics, mathematics, and
number-alteration functions.
Part II (sections 8 through 11) describes how to use the powerful
programming capabilities of the HP 12c Platinum.
Part III (sections 12 through 16) gives you step-by-step solutions to
specialized problems in real estate, lending, savings, investment analysis,
and bonds. Some of these solutions can be done manually, while others
involve running a program. Since the programmed solutions are both
self-contained and step-by-step, you can easily employ them even if you don't
care to learn how to create your own programs. But if you do start to create
your own programs, look over the programs used in the solutions: they
contain examples of good programming techniques and practices.




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