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Verifying Proper Operation (self-tests) - HP 12C Platinum User Manual

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266 Appendix F: Battery, Warranty, and Service Information

Verifying Proper Operation (Self-Tests)

If it appears that the calculator will not turn on or otherwise is not operating
properly, use one of the following procedures.
For a calculator that does not respond to keystrokes:
1. Insert a thin, pointed object all the way into the reset hole near the battery
compartment and then remove it.
2. The display will show Pr Error. Pressing any key will clear this message
from the display.
3. If the calculator still does not respond to keystrokes, remove and reinsert the
battery. Make sure that the battery is properly positioned in the battery
4. If the calculator does not turn on, install a fresh battery. If there is still no
response, the calculator requires service.
For a calculator that does respond to keystrokes:
1. With the calculator off, hold down the ; key and press §.
2. Release the ; key, then release the § key. This initiates a complete test of
the calculator's electronic circuitry. If everything is working correctly, within
about 25 seconds (during which the word running flashes) the display
should show –8,8,8,8,8,8,8,8,8,8, and all of the status indicators (except
battery power indicator) should turn on.
9, goes blank, or otherwise does not show the proper result, the calculator
requires service.
The status indicators turned on at the end of this test include some that normally are not
displayed on the hp 12c platinum.
If the calculator displays Error 9 as a result of the ; / µ test or the ; / + test but you
wish to continue using your calculator, you should reset Continuous Memory as described on
page 86.
If the display shows Error


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