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Simple Arithmetic Calculations In Rpn Mode - HP 12C Platinum User Manual

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Simple Arithmetic Calculations in RPN Mode

In RPN mode, any simple arithmetic calculation involves two numbers and an
operation — addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. To do such a
calculation on your hp 12c platinum, you first tell the calculator the two numbers,
then tell the calculator the operation to be performed. The answer is calculated
when the operation key (+,-,§, or z) is pressed.
The two numbers should be keyed into the calculator in the order they would
appear if the calculation were written down on paper left-to-right. After keying in
the first number, press the \ key to tell the calculator that you have completed
entering the number. Pressing \ separates the second number to be entered
from the first number already entered.
In summary, to perform an arithmetic operation:
1. Key in the first number.
2. Press \ to separate the second number from the first.
3. Key in the second number.
4. Press +,-,§, or z to perform the desired operation.
For example to calculate 13 ÷ 2, proceed as follows:
(RPN mode)
Notice that after you pressed \, two zeroes appeared following the decimal
point. This is nothing magical: the calculator's display is currently set to show two
decimal places of every number that has been entered or calculated. Before you
pressed \, the calculator had no way of knowing that you had completed
entering the number, and so displayed only the digits you had keyed in. Pressing
\ tells the calculator that you have completed entering the number: it terminates
digit entry. You need not press \ after keying in the second number because
the +,-,§ and z keys also terminate digit entry. (In fact, all keys terminate
digit entry except for digit entry keys — digit keys, ., Þ, and Æ — and
prefix keys — f, g, ?, :, and (.)
Section 1: Getting Started
Keys the first number into the
Pressing \ separates the second
number from the first.
Keys the second number into the
Pressing the operation key calculates
the answer.


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