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Special Displays - HP 12C Platinum User Manual

Financial calculator.
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The exponent in this example indicates that the decimal point should be moved
one decimal place to the right, giving the number 14.87456, which is the first
seven digits of the number previously in the display.
To set the display back to standard display format, press f followed by the
desired number of decimal places. Scientific notation display format remains in
effect until you change to the standard display format; it is not reset each time the
calculator is turned on. However, if Continuous Memory is reset, when the
calculator is next turned on the standard display format, with two decimal places,
will be used.
Mantissa Display Format. Because both the standard display format and
scientific notation display format often show only a few digits of a number, you
may occasionally want to see all 10 digits — the full mantissa — of the number
inside the calculator. To do so, press fCLEARX and hold down the X key.
The display will show all 10 digits of the number as long as you hold down the
X key; after you release the key, the number will again be displayed in the
current display format. For instance, if the display still contains the result from the
preceding example:

Special Displays

Running. Certain functions and many programs may take several seconds or
more to produce an answer. During these calculations, the word running flashes
in the display to let you know that the calculator is running.
Overflow and Underflow. If a calculation results in a number whose
magnitude is greater than 9.999999999 ×10
calculator displays 9.999999 99 (if the number is positive) or –9.999999 99
(if the number is negative).
If a calculation results in a number whose magnitude is less than 10
calculation is not halted, but the value 0 is used for that number in subsequent
Section 5: Additional Operating Features
1.487456 01
All 10 digits of the number inside
the calculator.
Display returns to its former
1.487456 01
contents when the X key is
Returns display to standard format.
, the calculation is halted and the
, the


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