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Programming Basics; Why Use Programs; Creating A Program; Section 8: Programming Basics - HP 12C Platinum User Manual

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Programming Basics

Why Use Programs ?

A program is simply a sequence of keystrokes that is stored in the calculator.
Whenever you have to calculate with the same sequence of keystrokes several
times, you can save a great deal of time by incorporating these keystrokes in a
program. Instead of pressing all the keys each time, you press just one key to start
the program: the calculator does the rest automatically!

Creating a Program

Creating a program consists simply of writing the program, then storing it:
1. Write down the sequence of keystrokes that you would use to calculate the
quantity or quantities desired.
2. Select the mode you want to use (by pressing f] or f[).
Programs or steps created and saved in RPN mode should only be
executed in RPN mode, and programs or steps created and saved in ALG
mode should only be executed in ALG mode. (You can also create steps in
your program to switch to the appropriate mode.)
3. Press fs to set the calculator to Program mode. When the calculator is
in Program mode, functions are not executed when they are keyed in, but
instead are stored inside the calculator. The PRGM status indicator in the
display is lit when the calculator is in Program mode.
4. Press fCLEARÎ to erase any previous programs that may be stored
inside the calculator. If you want to create a new program without erasing a
program already stored, skip this step and proceed as described in Section
11, Multiple Programs.
5. Key in the sequence of keystrokes that you wrote down in step 1. Skip the
beginning keystrokes that enter data, which would differ each time the
program is used.
Section 8


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