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Stopping Your Dryer; Pausing Or Restarting; Control Locked; Drying And Cycle Tips - Kenmore Elite 110.C8580 Series Use & Care Manual

He4 electric dryer
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Table of Contents
How Auto Dry works
EvenHeat™ improves drying performance with Auto Moisture
Sensing Plus, which advances the cycle as moisture is extracted
from clothing. A thermistor (electronic temperature sensor) and
moisture sensing strips in the dryer drum help measure the
amount of moisture in the clothes as they pass. An electronic
control determines the load type to help save time, avoid
overdrying, and increase the accuracy of the end dryness level.
After the first 5 minutes of an automatic cycle, the estimated time
display will adjust based on the approximate load size, cycle,
dryness level selected and amount of moisture left in the clothes.
When the clothes have reached approximately 80% of the
dryness level selected, the estimated time display will adjust
again, showing the final drying time. Auto Moisture Sensing Plus
takes the guesswork out of drying time and enhances fabric care.
To use a Manual Cycle
Select a Manual Cycle.
Press MORE TIME or LESS TIME until the desired drying
time is displayed. Tap MORE TIME or LESS TIME and the
time will change by 1-minute intervals. Press and hold
MORE TIME or LESS TIME and the time will change by
5-minute intervals.
NOTE: The More Time and Less Time features can be
used only with Manual Cycles.
Press TEMPERATURE until the desired temperature
NOTE: During a Manual Cycle, you can change the settings
for Time, Temperature, WRINKLE GUARD
Signal. Press PAUSE/CANCEL twice to stop the dryer and
clear the settings. Select another cycle or option.
4. (OPTIONAL STEP) If desired, select OPTIONS. For more
details, see "Options."
5. (OPTIONAL STEP) If desired, set the END of CYCLE SIGNAL.
Select HIGH or LOW to alert you when a cycle ends.
6. Press and hold START for approximately 3 seconds until
dryer starts. Be sure the door is closed.
If you do not press Start within 5 minutes of selecting the
cycle, the dryer automatically shuts off.
If you wish to end your drying cycle after pressing Start,
press PAUSE/CANCEL twice.

Stopping Your Dryer

To stop your dryer at any time
Press PAUSE/CANCEL twice or open the door.

Pausing or Restarting

To pause the dryer at any time
Open the door or press PAUSE/CANCEL once.
To restart the dryer
Close the door. Press and hold START until dryer starts.
NOTE: Drying will continue from where the cycle was interrupted
if you close the door and press Start within 5 minutes. If the cycle
is interrupted for more than 5 minutes, the dryer will shut off.
Select new cycle settings before restarting the dryer.
This feature allows you to lock your settings to avert unintended
use of the dryer. You can also use the Control Locked feature to
avert unintended cycle or option changes during dryer operation.
To enable the Control Locked feature:
Press and hold AUTO DRY LEVEL for 3 seconds. Control Locked
glows and a single beep tone is heard. To unlock, press and hold
AUTO DRY LEVEL for 3 seconds. The indicator light turns off.
Select the correct cycle and dryness level or temperature for your
load. If an Auto Dry Cycle is running, the display shows the
estimated cycle time when your dryer is automatically sensing
the dryness level of your load. If a Manual Cycle is running, the
display shows the exact number of minutes remaining in the
Cool Down tumbles the load without heat during the last few
minutes of all cycles. Cool Down makes the loads easier to
handle and reduces wrinkling. The length of the Cool Down
depends on the load size and dryness level.
Drying tips
Follow care label directions when they are available.
If desired, add a fabric softener sheet. Follow package
To reduce wrinkling, remove the load from the dryer as soon
as tumbling stops. This is especially important for permanent
press, knits and synthetic fabrics.
Avoid drying heavy work clothes together with lighter fabrics.
This could cause overdrying of lighter fabrics and lead to
and End of Cycle
increased shrinkage or wrinkling.
Cycle tips
Dry most loads using the preset cycle settings.
Refer to the Auto Dry chart or Manual Preset Cycle Settings
chart (in the "Cycles" section) for a guide to drying various

Control Locked

Drying and Cycle Tips

Drying temperature and Auto Dry Level are preset when
you choose an Auto Dry Cycle. You can select a different
dryness level, depending on your load, by pressing Auto
Dry Level and choosing More or Less.
If you wish to adjust the cycle length of a Manual Cycle,
press More Time or Less Time. Adjust the temperature of
a Manual Cycle by pressing Temperature until the desired
temperature is selected.
NOTE: You cannot choose an Auto Dry Level with Manual

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Table of Contents

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