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Installation Guidelines - Cisco TwinGig CVR-X2-SFP Installation Notes

Converter modules
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Converter Module Installation

Installation Guidelines

Installation Notes for the Cisco TwinGig and OneX Converter Modules
Only trained and qualified personnel should be allowed to install, replace, or
service this equipment. Statement 148
Do not reach into a vacant slot or chassis while you install or remove a module.
Exposed circuitry could constitute an energy hazard. Statement 206
Ultimate disposal of this product should be handled according to all national
laws and regulations. Statement 1040
Class 1 laser product. Statement 1008
Follow these guidelines when working with the converter module or an SFP or
SFP+ module:
The converter module and SFP or SFP+ modules are static sensitive. To prevent
ESD damage, wear an ESD-preventive wrist strap that is connected to the chassis.
Place the module in an antistatic bag when not in use.
Verify the correct orientation of the modules before inserting them into the
slot. Incorrect insertion can damage the module or the switch.
Do not install or remove a converter module with the SFP or SFP+ modules
installed. Always remove any optical cables and SFP or SFP+ modules from
a converter module before installing it in the switch.
Do not install or remove an SFP or SFP+ module with the cables attached
because of the potential damage to the cables, the cable connector, or the
optical interfaces in the module. Disconnect all cables before removing or
installing an SFP or SFP+ module.
Verify that the converter module is straight and not at an angle when you
install it in the slot. Installing the module at an angle can damage it. Any
module that is only partially connected to the switch might not operate



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