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Cisco TwinGig CVR-X2-SFP Installation Notes page 10

Converter modules
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Converter Module Installation
Do not remove the EMC plug from the 10-Gigabit Ethernet X2 slot until you are
ready to install the converter module. A module or an EMC plug must be installed
in the slot at all times.
Step 3
Remove the converter module from its protective packaging.
Do not install the converter module with the SFP or SFP+ modules installed.
Always remove any cables and SFP or SFP+ modules before installing the
converter module in the switch.
Verify the correct orientation of the converter module before inserting it into the
slot. Incorrect insertion can damage the module.
Slide the converter module gently but firmly into the 10-Gigabit switch module
Step 4
slot until the converter module is flush with the switch faceplate and the converter
module snaps into place.
When using the Catalyst 3750-E switch upper 10-Gigabit Ethernet module slot
(slot1), insert the converter module face up. When using the switch lower module
slot (slot 2), insert the converter module face down
will vary for other switches, refer to your switch's documentation.
Install the SFP or SFP+ module into the converter module (See
Step 5
SFP or SFP+ Module" section on page
both the converter module and any inserted Cisco SFP or SFP+ modules.
Installation Notes for the Cisco TwinGig and OneX Converter Modules
3). The orientation
13). The switch detects the presence of
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