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Product-Specific Safety Information - Siemens 3TK2810-1 System Manual

Safety relays, safety-related speed monitor, industrial controls
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Product-specific safety information

Important note for maintaining the operational safety of your system
Hazardous Voltage.
Can Cause Death, Serious Injury, or Property Damage.
Please take note of our latest information
Systems with safety-related characteristics are subject to special operational safety
requirements on the part of the operator. The supplier is also obliged to comply with certain
actions when monitoring the product. For this reason, we publish a special newsletter
containing information on product developments and features that are (or could be) relevant
to operation of safety-related systems. By subscribing to the appropriate newsletter, you will
ensure that you are always up-to-date and able to make changes to your system, when
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Safety notices
Observe the ESD guidelines
When handling and installing the devices, observe the ESD guidelines.
Connection is only permitted when the power adapters have been deactivated.
3TK2810-1 safety-related speed monitor
System Manual, 01/2011, 926246402000 DS 02
1.6 Product-specific safety information