Removing The Crispers And Crisper Cover; Removing The Freezer Shelf; Using The Ice Cube Trays - Whirlpool ET22PKXDN00 Use And Care Manual

22’ to 25’ no-frost top freezer refrigerator
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the crispers
and crisper
To remove the crispers:
1. Slide crisper straight out to the stop.
2. Lift the front and slide out the rest of the way.
3. Replace in reverse order.
To remove the cover:
1. Push up the glass insert from the bottom, then slide
out with both hands.
2. Lift front of cover frame.
3. Lift cover frame up and out.
To replace the cover:
1. Fit back of cover frame into notch supports on back
wall of refrigerator, then lower the front into place.
2. Make sure the front cover metal support is in the
notches in the sides of the liner.
NOTE: If the support is not positioned properly, the
doors may not close all the way.
3. Slide back of glass insert into place, then lower
Pull out to the stop, lift
the front, and pull-again.
Remove the glass Insert.
Lift the cover front, then
the back.
NOTE: Glass insert Is
heavy. Handle it carefully.
the freezer
Remove the freezer shelf for easier cleaning.
To remove the shelf:
1. Lift front of shelf slightly.
2. Lift back of shelf off supports.
3. Replace in reverse order.
Using the ice cube trays
If cubes are not used, they may shrink. The moving
cold air starts a slow evaporation.
The longer you store
cubes, the smaller they get.
To remove ice:
1. Hold tray at both ends.
2. Twist slightly.


Table of Contents

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