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Whirlpool ET22ZK Use & Care Manual

Whirlpool no-frost refrigerator- freezer use and care guide et22zk


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Model ET22ZK
21s. Freezers.
Ice Makers,
and Surface
Trash Compactors,
Room Air Condltloners.


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  • Page 1 21s. Freezers. Refrlgeratat-Freezers. Ice Makers, Dishwashers. NO-FROST REFRIGERATOR- FREEZER Model ET22ZK Built-In Ovens and Surface Units. Ranges. MIcrowave Ovens. Trash Compactors, Room Air Condltloners. Oehumldlfl...
  • Page 2 Please read this Use and Care Guide before you do anything else... This booklet tells you how to start your refrig- erator, clean it, move shelves and adjust trols. It even tells you what new sounds to expect from your refrigerator. Treat your new refrigerator with care.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    IF YOU NEED SERVICE OR ASSISTANCE 1 Before Calling for Assistance 2. If You Need Asststance 3. IfYouNeedService 4. IfYouHaveaProblem.. $1984 Whirlpool Corporation is not near an oven, radrator or other heat source. is properly maintained. out of the weather...
  • Page 4: Install Properly

    Install properly.. I, Allow % inch (1.25 cm) space on each side and at the top of the refrigerator for ease of installation. 2. If the refrigerator is to be against a wall, you might want to leave extra space so the door can be opened wrder...
  • Page 5: Using Your Refrigerator

    Using your refrigerator Setting the controls.. Controls for the refrigerator and freezer ore In the refrigerator. When the refrigerator IS plugged the first time y@’ ‘9’ 1 Set the TEMPERA- 2. Set the AIR CON- TROL to B. TURE CONTROL to 3.
  • Page 6: Adjusting The Refrigerator Shelves

    Adjusting the refrigerator Shelves can be adjusted to match the way you use your refrigerator. Glass shelves are strong enough hold bottles, milk and other heavy food items. Gloss shelves ore heavy Be corefui ,~ --.+; ., ..: _ ., ‘>,f. Moving the meat pan and cover..
  • Page 7: Optional Automatic

    Changing the light bulb.. . Before removing the light shield for cleanrng unplug the refrigerator. replacrng the bulb, opphonce buibs on/y Push in the Center; Optional automatic ice maker.. . ower Slgnal Arm to Start It. daise Signal Arm to Stop Ice Maker. If you have the automatic ice maker accessory plan to add one later [Part No.
  • Page 8 Sounds you may hear.. . 4&&/ Your new refrigerator Because the sounds are new to you, you might be concerned P- ’ ,,< them. Don’t be. Most of the new sounds are normal. Hard surfaces like the floor, walls and cabinets The following to you.
  • Page 9 Cleaning chart... What to use Part Mild detergent Removable parts warm water. [shelves, crisper, meat pan etc.) Sponge, cloth or paper Outside towel, mild detergent, applrance auto paste wax). Waxing painted Inside walls [Freezer Sponge, soft cloth or paper towel, bakrng should be allowed soda, warm water, mild warm up so cloth won’t...
  • Page 10 Food storage guide STORING FRESH FOOD There IS a right way to package erated or frozen foods. To keep foods fresher. longer, take the time to study these recommended Leafy Vegetables. .Remove store wrapprng. or tear off bruised and dlscolored cool water, drain and store In crisper.
  • Page 11 FREEZING & STORING FROZEN The freezer sectron is desrgned for storage of com- merclally frozen foods and for freezing home. Packaging ~ The secret of successful freezing is in the packaging The wrap you use must be arr. moisture and vapor proof. The way you close and seal the package must not allow air, moisture or vapor in or out Packaging...
  • Page 12 Freezing Vegetables - Freeze only fresh hrgh- quality vegetables plcked when barely For best results, freeze no more than 2 to 3 hours after picking Wash in cold water, sort and cut into appropriate sizes. Blanch or scald. Pack in recom- mended contatner and freeze...
  • Page 13 IMPORTANT: Do not expect your freezer to quick-freeze any large quantlty of food. Put no more un- frozen food into the freezer than will freeze wlthin 24 hours. (No more than 2 to 3 pounds of fresh meat or 3 to 4 pounds of vegetables per cubic foot of freezer...
  • Page 14 Vacation Short vacations. No need to shut off the refrrgerator away for less than four weeks Use up penshables. freeze other items If your refrrgerator with an automatic ice maker, 1) turn It off; 2) shut off the water supply to the Ice maker, 3) empty Long vacations.
  • Page 15: If You Need Service Or Assistance

    CARESERViCE 999 3339 telephone provrde, model date of purchase, and a of the problem This informa- respond to your trademark of WhIrlpool for qballty ports Look for this symbol whenever need o replacement Whirlpool oppllonce ports will fit right work...
  • Page 16 YKirlpuol Home A /Appliances Making your world a little easier. Part No. 1101598 c 1984 Whirlpool Corporation s Makers, Dishwashers. Built-In Ovens and Surface Units. Ranges. M~crawave Ovens. Trash Compactors, Room Air Condltloners, Dehumldlflers, Automatic Washers, Clothes Dry1...

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