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Cleaning And Maintenance; Air Inlet/Main Unit; Plasmacluster Ion Generating Unit - Sharp IG-DM1Y Operation Manual

Plasmacluster ion generator
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WARNING: When cleaning the unit, be sure to fi rst unplug the power cord.
Air Inlet
Gently remove dust from the air inlet by using a
vacuum cleaner.
• Do not press the vacuum cleaner strongly against
the suciton port, or the fi lter could be damaged.
Main Unit
Wipe with a dry soft cloth.
For stubborn dirt, use water and a mild detergent. And then, wipe with a wet cloth.
Make sure to dry out the main unit.

Plasmacluster Ion Generating Unit

Remove the dust from the electrode
section of the unit with an included
cleaning brush or a cotton swab.
(See "Plasmacluster Ion Generating Unit
Replacement" on E-9)
• Do not touch the electrode section. (Doing so could lead to injury.)
• The electrode section is not transformed. (Doing so could lead to damage.)
• Do not touch the connection terminals. (Doing so could lead to damage.)
• Please damp the tip of a cotton swab with little water, if the dirt does not come off
Every week or more often if necessary
Every month or more often if necessary
Every 3 months or more often if necessary
Сleaning Brush
Electrode Section
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Table of Contents