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Operating, Precautions - Husqvarna SMART 40 Safety And Operating Instructions Manual

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Safety and operating instructions
Avoid eating, drinking, and using tobacco products
in areas where there is dust or fumes.
Wash your hands and face thoroughly as soon as
possible upon leaving the exposure area, and
always before eating, drinking, using tobacco
products, or making contact with other persons.
Comply with all applicable laws and regulations,
including occupational health and safety
Participate in air monitoring, medical examination
programs, and health and safety training programs
provided by your employer or trade organizations
and in accordance with occupational health and
safety regulations and recommendations. Consult
with physicians experienced in relevant
occupational medicine.
Work with your employer and trade organization
to reduce dust and fume exposure at the worksite
and to reduce the risks. Effective health and safety
programs, policies and procedures for protecting
workers and others against harmful exposure to
dust and fumes must be established and
implemented based on advice from health and
safety experts. Consult with experts.

Operating, precautions

WARNING Incorrect usage
An incorrect use of the machine, accessories, and
insertion tools/ cutting blades can result in serious
injuries or a hazardous situation.
Use the machine, accessories and tools in
accordance with the safety instructions.
Use the machine for what it is designed for, and
in the way it is intended.
Use the correct machine for the work that is going
to be performed.
Do not force the machine while operating.
Take the working conditions into account.
WARNING Broken power switch
The power switch does not control the machine. A
broken power switch is dangerous and must be
Do not use the machine if the power switch is
broken and cannot be controlled.
Maintain the power switch.
WARNING Projectiles
Failure of the work piece, of accessories, or even of
the machine itself may generate high velocity
projectiles. During operating, splinters or other
particles from the compacted material may become
projectiles and cause personal injury by striking the
operator or other persons. To reduce these risk:
Use approved personal protective equipment and
safety helmet, including impact resistant eye
protection with side protection.
Make sure that no unauthorised persons trespass
into the working zone.
Keep the workplace free from foreign objects.
WARNING Unexpected movements
The machine is exposed to heavy strains during
operation. If the machine breaks or gets stuck, there
may be sudden and unexpected movement that can
cause injuries.
Always inspect the machine prior to use. Never
use the machine if you suspect that it is damaged.
Make sure that the handle is clean and free of
grease and oil.
Keep your feet away from the machine.
Never sit on the machine.
Never strike or abuse the machine.
Pay attention and look at what you are doing.
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