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Safety Label; Operation; Preparations Before Vibrating; Vibrating - Husqvarna SMART 40 Safety And Operating Instructions Manual

Electronic pokers
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Safety label

Instruction manual. The operator must read the
Safety and operating instructions before operating
the machine.
Use protective gloves.
Use ear protectors.


Preparations before vibrating

NOTICE Only use the SMART poker with a residual
current device (RCD) protected supply.
The SMART is an earthed class 1 device.
The RCD must have a protection for 16 amperes or
The SMART is fitted with overheating protection.
Avoid placing the device in direct sunlight, this could
lead to possible stops.


NOTICE The SMART28E is for laboratory purposes
only, do not use for work site applications.
1. Connect the SMART to a suitable socket.
2. Start vibration by pressing the on/off switch.
3. The vibration starts after 1.5 seconds.
4. Stop vibration by pressing the on/off switch again.
NOTICE Never use the poker vibrator to move the
concrete sideways.
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Original instructions
Safety and operating instructions
1. Allow the vibrator to penetrate about 15 cm (6
in.) down into the nearest lower layer to ensure
that the various layers merge well with each
2. Fill the concrete evenly in the form work in 30 -
50 cm (12 - 19 in.) layers.
30-50 cm
(11-19 in.)
3. Insert the poker vibrator vertically at a distance
of 8-10 times the tube diameter between
4. Vibrate systematically.
5. Slowly withdraw the vibrator to allow the concrete
to refill the cavity left by the vibrator.
6. The concrete is thoroughly vibrated when the
area around the vibrator turns shiny and no air
bubbles rise to the surface. This will normally
take about 10-20 seconds.

When taking a break

During all breaks you must place the machine in
such a way that there is no risk for it to be
unintentionally started. Make sure to place the
machine on the ground, so that it can not fall.
Switch off the power supply in the event of a longer
break or when leaving the workplace.
30-50 cm
(11-19 in.)
15 cm
(6 in.)


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