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Maintenance, Precautions; Storage - Husqvarna SMART 40 Safety And Operating Instructions Manual

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WARNING Vibration hazards
Normal and proper use of the machine exposes the
operator to vibration. Regular and frequent exposure
to vibration may cause, contribute to, or aggravate
injury or disorders to the operator's fingers, hands,
wrists, arms, shoulders and/or nerves and blood
supply or other body parts, including debilitating
and/or permanent injuries or disorders that may
develop gradually over periods of weeks, months, or
years. Such injuries or disorders may include damage
to the blood circulatory system, damage to the
nervous system, damage to joints, and possibly
damage to other body structures.
If numbness, persistent recurring discomfort, burning
sensation, stiffness, throbbing, tingling, pain,
clumsiness, weakened grip, whitening of the skin, or
other symptoms occur at any time, when operating
the machine or when not operating the machine, stop
operating the machine, tell your employer and seek
medical attention. Continued use of the machine after
the occurrence of any such symptom may increase
the risk of symptoms becoming more severe and/or
Operate and maintain the machine as recommended
in these instructions, to prevent an unnecessary
increase in vibration.
The following may help to reduce exposure to
vibration for the operator:
If the machine has vibration absorbing handles,
keep them in a central position, avoid pressing the
handles into the end stops.
Make sure that the machine is well-maintained
and not worn out.
Immediately stop working if the machine suddenly
starts to vibrate strongly. Before resuming the
work, find and remove the cause of the increased
Participate in health surveillance or monitoring,
medical exams and training programs offered by
your employer and when required by law.
When working in cold conditions wear warm
clothing and keep hands warm and dry.
See the "Noise and vibration declaration statement"
for the machine, including the declared vibration
values. This information can be found at the end of
these Safety and operating instructions.
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Original instructions
Safety and operating instructions
WARNING Noise hazard
High noise levels can cause permanent and disabling
hearing loss and other problems such as tinnitus
(ringing, buzzing, whistling, or humming in the ears).
To reduce risks and prevent an unnecessary increase
in noise levels:
Risk assessment of these hazards and
implementation of appropriate controls is essential.
Operate and maintain the machine as
recommended in these instructions.
If the machine has a silencer, check that it is in
place and in good working condition.
Always use hearing protection.
WARNING Accessory hazards
Accidental engagement of accessories during
maintenance or installation can cause serious
injuries, when the power source is connected.
Never inspect, clean, install, or remove
accessories while the power source is connected.

Maintenance, precautions

WARNING Machine modification
Any machine modification may result in bodily injuries
to yourself or others.
Never modify the machine. Modified machines are
not covered by warranty or product liability.
Always use original parts and accessories.
Change damaged parts immediately.
Replace worn components in good time.
WARNING Damaged machine parts
Lack of maintenance will result in damaged or worn
parts that can cause accidents.
Check the moving parts for misalignment or
Check the machine for broken or, in other ways,
damaged parts.
Damaged or worn parts can effect the operation
of the machine.


Keep the machine in a safe place, out of the reach
of children and locked up.


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