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Working Area; Electrical Safety; Personal Safety; Personal Protective Equipment - Husqvarna SMART 40 Safety And Operating Instructions Manual

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Safety and operating instructions

Working area

DANGER Explosion hazard
If a warm machine comes into contact with
explosives, an explosion could occur. During
operating with certain materials, sparks and ignition
can occur. Explosions will lead to severe injuries or
Never operate the machine in any explosive
Never use the machine near flammable materials,
fumes or dust.
Make sure that there are no undetected sources
of gas or explosives.
WARNING Secure the working area
Cluttered benches and insufficient lighting can cause
personal accidents and result in serious injuries.
Keep the working area clean.
Maintain adequate lighting in the working area.
Only qualified and trained persons may operate or
maintain the machine. They must be physically able
to handle the bulk, weight, and power of the machine.
Always use your common sense and good
Keep bystanders, children, and visitors away while
operating the machine. Distractions may cause loss
of control.

Electrical safety

DANGER Electrical hazard
There is a risk of electrical shocks from electrically
powered machines which can lead to serious injuries
or death.
Avoid body contact with earthed (grounded)
Make sure that there are no concealed wires or
other sources of electricity in the working area.
Always check that the mains voltage corresponds
with that stated on the data plate on the machine.
WARNING Electrical safety
There is a risk of electrical shock if the electrical
cable is not treated correctly, if the machine is
damaged or modified. This can lead to serious
injuries or death.
The electrical plug on the machine must match
the socket.
Never modify the electrical plug to match the
Do not use adapter plugs with earthed (grounded)
Unmodified plugs and matching sockets will
reduce the risk of electrical shock.
Never move the machine by dragging the electrical
Disconnect the cable only by pulling the plug,
never pull the electrical cable.
Make sure the electrical cable is not pinched in
doors, fences or similar.
Check that the electrical cable and cable plug are
intact and in good condition.
Never connect a damaged electrical cable to the
Never touch the electrical cable if it becomes
damaged during the work. Disconnect the
electrical cable plug from the socket.
Always make sure that the electrical cable is kept
away from water, oil and sharp edges.
Do not expose the power tool to rain or wet
If water enters the machine, there is an increased
risk of electrical shock.
Use a residual current device (RCD) protected
supply, if the machine must be operated in a damp
The use of an RCD reduces the risk of electrical

Personal safety

Personal protective equipment

Always use approved protective equipment.
Operators and all other persons in the working area
must wear protective equipment, including at a
Protective helmet
Hearing protection
Impact resistant eye protection with side protection
Respiratory protection when appropriate
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