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Disconnecting The Vibrating Head; Storage; Disposal - Husqvarna SMART 40 Safety And Operating Instructions Manual

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Disconnecting the vibrating
1. Disconnect the SMART from the power socket.
2. Cut the clamp that holds the wires on the
converter side.
3. Remove the cover from the converter.
4. Cut the three connector wires and unscrew the
ground (earth) wire.
5. Pull the hose from the converter side and
unscrew the nut from the casing.
6. Put the vibrating element in a tube vice and
clamp it.
7. Cut the clamp that holds the wires on the poker
side, then pull the red hose until the connectors
8. Cut the thermo-insulation and disconnect the
9. Disconnect the ground (earth) wire from the


Clean the machine properly before storage, in
order to avoid hazardous substances. See section
"Dust and fume hazard".
Always store the machine in a dry place.
Keep the machine in a safe place, out of the reach
of children and locked up.


A used machine must be treated and disposed in
such way that the greatest possible portion of the
material can be recycled and any negative influence
on the environment is kept as low as possible, and
in accordance with local restrictions.
Always send used filters and drained oil remnants
to environmentally correct disposal.
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Original instructions
Safety and operating instructions
The electronic and electrical devices may contain
potentially hazardous substances. Do not dispose
of them in the nature. Dispose them according to
local laws and regulations for the country of use.
According to the European directives RoHS
2011/65/EC and WEEE 2012/19/EC.


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