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Do We Need To Do Extruder Calibration Again After Replacing Nozzle?; How To Replace The Filament; How To Take Down The Model; Can We Use Other Brand Filament Which Is Not Produced By Flashforge - Flashforge ADVENTURER 3 User Manual

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Q3. Do we need to do extruder calibration again after replacing nozzle?
Yes, do extruder calibration again to ensure high print quality as minimal error may be
caused by extruder installation.
Q4. How to solve if displayed temperature is abnormal after replacing nozzle?
Abnormal temperature indicates extruder sensor can not be read, please check the nozzle
whether it is well installed.
Q5. How to solve if no filament come out of extruder after tap [Build] model file and
extruder begins moving normally?
1. Check the filament guide tube, make sure filament has been pushed into the extruder, if not,
please tap [Load]. Restart building model file after you see filament come out of extruder.
2. Check the nozzle whether it is clogged or not, if so, please refer to Q1 for resolution.
Q6: How to replace the filament ?
1. Tap[Filament]--Tap[Replace], after extruder heating up completed, filament will be unloaded,
pull out the filament according to the instruction.
2. Insert new filament into the filament intake and feeding wheel, tap [OK]; New filament will be
pushed into the extruder.
3. Replace will complete when you see new filament come out of extruder.
Q7: How to take down the model ?
1. Take out the removable build plate.
2. Bend the build plate, the plate will produce certain deformation, seperating the plate away
from the bottom of model. (Please use a scraper to assist removing when model is too small
or too big).
3.Take down the model.
Q8: How to solve if the distance between nozzle and platform is too large(far away) or
too small(hit) during printing?
1. Tap[Setting]--Calibration.
2. The extruder homing automatically, moves down some height.
3. Tap up and down arrow to adjust the distance between extruder and platform until extruder
is just about to touch platform.
4. Tap[OK], printer will memorize current calibration position and start homing automatically.
Q9: Can we use other brand filament which is not produced by Flashforge ?
ADVENTURER 3 support normal ABS and PLA filament but different brand filament has different
ingredients. ADVENTURER 3 tests out default settings according to the properties of Flashforge
ABS and PLA filament.
Other brand filament is ok but not recommended for using, if that causes extruder clogging
or bad printing quality or other failure, FlashForge will take no responsibility. These problems
are not in the warranty of FlashForge .
Q10. Is
is equipped with a built-in 24V/6.5A power supplier, suitable for 110V-240V
input voltage.
Q11. Is
compatible with all kinds of AC power input ?
capable to be turned off automatically after printing job is finished ?

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents