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How To Solve If The Nozzle Is Clogged?; How To Replace The Nozzle?; Chapter 3: Q&A - Flashforge ADVENTURER 3 User Manual

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Table of Contents
Q1. How to solve if the nozzle is clogged?
Method 1: Tap [Preheat], heat up the extruder to 200℃, after heating completed, press the air
tube joint and pull out the filament guide tube. Check to see whether the filament is
bended or filament tip is not smooth, cut filament tip smooth and flat, install the
guide tube and filament back, Tap [Load] .
Method 2: If method 1 not improving, use an unclogging pin tool to unclog filament.
Method 3: If method 1 and method 2 not improving, please replace the nozzle.
Q2. How to replace the nozzle ?
1. Press the left and right clips and pull out the nozzle.
2. Push in a length of filament through the filament intake manually, making it long enough to
be cut off.
3. Rotate the filament spool anti-clockwise manually, making filament retreat back a little.
4. Press the left and right clips, install the new nozzle back into the extruder, making the nozzle
slot and bottom of extruder are on the same level.
5. Tap[Filament] -- Tap[Load], nozzle replace completed when you see filament come out of
new nozzle.
Chapter 3: Q&A
Power off before replacing nozzle! Make sure power off operation!
Please make filament tip smooth and flat when cutting off the filament.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents