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Telephone Line Connection; Tone/Pulse Setting; Register Handsets To The Main Base Before Use; To Register The Second Handset For Clt-A5822 And Clt-A5832 - Sanyo CLT-A5832 Instruction Manual

5.8 ghz cordless telephone with caller id & visual call waiting
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Telephone line connection

Once the handset battery is fully charged, connect the telephone line cord to the
TEL LINE jack on the back of the base. Plug the other end into a telephone outlet.

Tone/pulse setting

1. If you have Pulse (rotary) service, you will need to set the dial mode to pulse.
If you have Touch-Tone service, do nothing as your phone has been set to
Tone prior to shipment. If you do not know which type of service you have,
contact your local telephone company.
2. To change to Pulse or Tone service, See Tone/pulse setting, page 10.

Register handsets to the main base before use

Your cordless phone uses a digital security system to provide protection
against false ringing, unauthorized access and charges to your phone
line. When you place the handset in the main base, the handset will
automatically register to the base.

To register the second handset for CLT-A5822 and CLT-A5832

The second handset (charge in the extra charging cradle) must also be registered
to the main base before use.
1. Be sure both handsets are fully charged.
2. Remove the handset from the charging cradle, and place it in the main base.
3. Wait for at least 5 seconds before removing the handset from the main base.
4. After both handsets are registered, it doesn't matter which handset is placed
in the main base or the charger.
5. The charge/in use LED lights on the main base.
Note: • After a power failure occurs or battery replacement, both handsets will
need to be re-registered. To re-register, follow the same registration
process as above.
• If the handset's battery becomes very low, the handset must be
recharged for 12 hours and re-registered to the main base unit.
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