Sanyo CLT-A5832 Instruction Manual
Sanyo CLT-A5832 Instruction Manual

Sanyo CLT-A5832 Instruction Manual

5.8 ghz cordless telephone with caller id & visual call waiting
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5.8 GHz
Cordless Telephone
with Caller ID &
Visual Call Waiting
Charge the handset battery for 12 continuous hours prior to first
sy5822 10 april.p65
Dual Handset Models
The picture depicts dual handset model
SANYO Canada Inc.
2006/5/12, ¤U¤È 02:52


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Sanyo CLT-A5832

  • Page 1 Cordless Telephone with Caller ID & Visual Call Waiting Important Charge the handset battery for 12 continuous hours prior to first use. SANYO Canada Inc. sy5822 10 april.p65 CLT-A5830 Dual Handset Models CLT-A5822 CLT-A5832 The picture depicts dual handset model
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Telephone line connection ... 7 Tone/pulse setting ... 7 Register handsets to the main base before use ... 7 To register the second handset (For CLT-A5822 and CLT-A5832 ) ... 7 NAMES AND CONTROLS ... 8 Handset ... 8 Base unit and Charger ... 9 INITIAL PROGRAMMING ...
  • Page 3 MAINTENANCE ... 28 MAXIMIZE BATTERY PERFORMANCE ... 29 TECHNICAL INFORMATION ... 30 SANYO COMFORT WARRANTY ... 32 SOS HELP LINE ... 34 The exclamation point within the triangle is a warning sign alerting you of important instructions accompanying the product.
  • Page 4: Introduction

    INTRODUCTION Congratulations on your purchase of this SANYO cordless telephone. Your SANYO 5.8 GHz cordless telephone is a fine-quality home communications product. It is carefully designed and produced by a world leader of consumer and industrial electronic equipment. With proper maintenance and care, it will provide you with years of enjoyment and convenience.
  • Page 5: Getting Started

    TVs, microwave ovens, and VCRs. To minimize or prevent such interference, the base of the cordless telephone should not be placed near or on top of a TV, microwave oven, or VCR. If such interference continues, move the cordless telephone farther away from these appliances.
  • Page 6: Battery Setup

    • It is normal for the handset and base to get warm when the handset is charging in the base. Caution: Use only the SANYO AC adaptor that is supplied with this phone. Using another AC adaptor may damage the phone.
  • Page 7: Telephone Line Connection

    When you place the handset in the main base, the handset will automatically register to the base. To register the second handset for CLT-A5822 and CLT-A5832 The second handset (charge in the extra charging cradle) must also be registered to the main base before use.
  • Page 8: Names And Controls

    NAMES AND CONTROLS Handset 1. Belt clip 2. REDIAL key 3. Headset jack 4. * TONE/EXIT key 5. MEM (memory) key 6. CH (channel)/DEL key 7. Charging contacts 8. Incoming call/in use LED 9. Earpiece 10. LCD screen sy5822 10 april.p65 11.
  • Page 9: Base Unit And Charger

    NAMES AND CONTROLS Base Unit Charger (For CLT-A5822 and CLT-A5832) 1. Handset Cradle 2. Page Key 3. Charge/In Use LED 4. Charge LED 5. Charging contacts sy5822 10 april.p65 2006/5/12, ¤U¤È 02:52...
  • Page 10: Initial Programming

    INITIAL PROGRAMMING Before using this telephone, 4 initial settings must be completed on the handset: Language, Area code (this is required to use Caller ID service from your tele- phone company), Ringer tone, and Tone/Pulse setting. Language setting 1. Make sure the phone is OFF (not in TALK mode). 2.
  • Page 11: Resetting To Default

    (for CLT-A5822 and CLT-A5832) 2. Press TALK to end your call. Note: If you replace the handset to the base cradle or charger cradle (for CLT-A5822 and CLT-A5832), the handset automatically hangs up. sy5822 10 april.p65 1 NO” shows on screen.
  • Page 12: Making A Call

    1. Make sure the phone is in TALK mode. 2. Press the CID/VOL Transferring a call (For CLT-A5822 and CLT-A5832) The current conversation can be transferred to another handset. Only one handset can talk with an outside caller at a time. The second handset cannot listen to the conversation or make an outgoing call while the other handset is in use.
  • Page 13: Pre-Dialing

    BASICS Pre-dialing (up to 32 digits) 1. Make sure the phone is OFF (not in TALK mode). 2. Enter the telephone number. The number is displayed as you enter it. 3. Press TALK. Note: Pressing *TONE will exit pre-dialing. Changing the pre-dial number 1.
  • Page 14: Tone Key

    BASICS * TONE key This feature enables Pulse service phone users to access touch-tone services offered by banks, credit card companies, etc. 1. Dial the desired number. 2. Press *TONE after your call is answered. 3. Follow the voice instructions to complete your desired action. 4.
  • Page 15: Voice Mail Indicator

    BASICS Voice mail indicator When you subscribe to a voice mail service offered by your phone company, the phone alerts you when voice mail has been received. MESSAGE WAITING appears on screen for 60 seconds when a voice mail is received. The LED on the base flashes to indicate there is a voice mail waiting.
  • Page 16: Caller Id List

    CALLER ID FEATURES Caller ID list The incoming caller information transmitted from the phone company is received by your phone between the first and second ring and stored in the Caller ID list. If you answer a call before the second ring the caller information may not be stored. When the Caller ID list memory is full, a new call automatically replaces the oldest call in memory.
  • Page 17: Storing Caller Id Entries In The Directory

    CALLER ID FEATURES Storing Caller ID entries in the directory Before storing a caller ID number, make sure the number appears in proper digits for your dialing area. If not, change it using the MUTE/FORMAT key. For example, if the Caller ID number appears 1-416-222-5555 but it is not a long distance number, press MUTE/FORMAT until it shows 416-222-5555 (without 1).
  • Page 18: Deleting All Entries

    CALLER ID FEATURES Deleting all entries 1. Make sure the phone is OFF (not in TALK mode). 2. Use the CID/VOL 3. Press and hold CH/DEL, until “DELETE ALL?” shows on screen. 4. Press CH/DEL again to confirm. “NO CALLS” shows on screen. DIRECTORY You can store up to 10 names (up to 15 characters) and numbers (up to 24 digits) in the directory for quick dialing.
  • Page 19: Replacing A Directory Entry With A Caller Id Entry

    DIRECTORY and not a pause. Each pause counts as 1 digit in the dialing sequence. Or you can store redial number in the directory by pressing REDIAL (Note: If the redial number is longer than 24 digits, it cannot be stored into the memory.). 8.
  • Page 20: Chain Dialing From The Directory

    DIRECTORY Chain dialing from the directory Use this feature to make calls that require a sequence of numbers such as using a calling card for a frequently called long distance number. You can dial each part of the sequence from a different entry of the directory. The following example shows how you can use chain dialing to make a call through a long distance service: The Number for:...
  • Page 21: Recycling Nickel-Metal Hydride Batteries

    CHANGING THE BATTERY Make sure the telephone is off before you replace the battery. 1. Slide off the battery compartment cover. 2. Disconnect the battery plug from the jack in the compartment and remove the battery pack. 3. Insert the new battery pack and connect the cord into the jack. Note: Please refer to the pictures on page 6, “Battery setup”...
  • Page 22: Headset Jack And Belt Clip

    Press TALK to answer or place a call while using the headset. For purchasing, servicing or replacement please contact our service center. SANYO Canada Inc. 1-300 Applewood Cres. Concord, Ont. L4K 5C7 (905) 760-9944 1-800-263-2244
  • Page 23: Lcd Screen Messages

    Indicates that there is no additional information in Caller ID END OF LIST list. This handset is handset 1 (For CLT-A5822 and CLT-A5832). HANDSET 1 This handset is handset 2 (For CLT-A5822 and CLT-A5832). HANDSET 2 The PAGE key on the base has been pressed.
  • Page 24: Sound Signals

    • If you answer the call before the first ring has been completed, the Caller ID information may have not been completely received by your phone. • If you are using the additional handset(s) CLT-A5822 and CLT-A5832, try re- registering it to the main base as described in the manual.
  • Page 25 TROUBLESHOOTING • When you press a button from the keypad, you should hear the confirmation "beep" from the handset. Try dialling more slowly and ensure you hear beep sounds. If not try pressing the same number again. My handset(s) have static noise •...
  • Page 26 TROUBLESHOOTING If you hear 3 short beeps when you press TALK, you are out of range. • Does the base need to be relocated? • Charge battery. • Make sure base is not plugged into an outlet with another household appliance.
  • Page 27 TROUBLESHOOTING Can’t hear the ring signal • Check the ringer volume controls; verify that the switch is not set to "Off". • Check that the AC power adapter is plugged into a working AC power outlet. • Check all telephone cord connections or try another wall jack. Can’t receive or make phone calls •...
  • Page 28: Maintenance

    Disconnect the handset battery for 5-10 seconds and then reconnect. Place the handset back on the base and then replug the AC adapter. • If you are using the additional handset(s) CLT-A5822 and CLT-A5832, try re- registering it to the main base.
  • Page 29: Maximize Battery Performance

    MAXIMIZE BATTERY PERFORMANCE The freedom that your cordless telephone can offer is fully dependent on the performance of the rechargeable battery in the handset. To maximize the battery performance, follow these guidelines: Charge it for a full 12 hours Before initial use of your new battery, charge it for 12 hours continuously. The proper initial charging is very important to maximize the battery performance.
  • Page 30: Technical Information

    TECHNICAL INFORMATION REN Number: The Ringer Equivalence Number (REN) assigned to each terminal’s device provides an indication of the maximum number of terminals allowed to be connected to a telephone interface. The REN number of this phone is located on the bottom of the base unit. The termination on an interface may consist of any combination of device subject only to the requirement that...
  • Page 31 This symbol on the product is used to identify the following important information. Use only with specified SANYO power adaptor. NOTICE: This equipment meets the applicable Industry Canada Terminal 2006/5/12, ¤U¤È 02:52...
  • Page 32: Sanyo Comfort Warranty

    SANYO COMFORT WARRANTY WARRANTY APPLICATION SANYO Communications products purchased new, unused in Canada through a SANYO Authorized Dealer are warranted against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for ONE YEAR covering parts and labour, from the date of purchase by the original retail purchaser.
  • Page 33 You, the original retail purchaser, must present your original, dated bill-of- sale together with this warranty to SANYO Canada Inc. or to an autho- rized SANYO Service Depot when you make a claim under this warranty. You, the original retail purchaser, are...
  • Page 34: Sos Help Line

    SOS HELP LINE At SANYO, fulfilling the needs of our customers is a priority. That’s why we created our SOS customer service program that guarantees satisfaction. NATIONWIDE CUSTOMER SUPPORT SOS is there to help you. Our friendly and knowledgeable product specialists will quickly answer your questions about setup and use of SANYO telephone products.

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