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Tone Key; Handset Locator (Paging Function); Mute Key; Low Battery Warning - Sanyo CLT-A5832 Instruction Manual

5.8 ghz cordless telephone with caller id & visual call waiting
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* TONE key

This feature enables Pulse service phone users to access touch-tone services
offered by banks, credit card companies, etc.
1. Dial the desired number.
2. Press *TONE after your call is answered.
3. Follow the voice instructions to complete your desired action.
4. Hang up when finished. The phone returns to Pulse service.

Handset locator (Paging function)

This feature helps to locate a misplaced handset.
1. Press PAGE on the base, the screen shows "PAGING". The handset beeps
continuously for about 2 minutes or until you press any key on the handset.
2. To stop the paging, do one of the following:
Press PAGE on the base.
Press TALK to enter talk mode.
Press any button on the handset.
Note: You can still page the handset with the ringer off.

MUTE key

To have a private, off-line conversation, use the MUTE feature. The caller on the
other end of the line cannot hear you, but you can still hear them.
To mute the microphone:
1. Press MUTE/FORMAT in TALK mode. The screen shows "MUTE".
2. Press MUTE/FORMAT again to return to your phone conversation.

Low battery warning

1. If the battery is low and the phone is in TALK mode, a warning tone
consisting of 2 short beeps will sound from the handset and the LED will
flash every 15 seconds. "LOW BATTERY" shows on screen.
2. If the battery is low and the phone is in STANDBY mode, the LED on handset
will flash every 15 seconds, and "LOW BATTERY" shows on screen.
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