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Caller Id List; Reviewing Caller Id List; Formatting Caller Id Numbers - Sanyo CLT-A5832 Instruction Manual

5.8 ghz cordless telephone with caller id & visual call waiting
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Caller ID list

The incoming caller information transmitted from the phone company is received
by your phone between the first and second ring and stored in the Caller ID list. If
you answer a call before the second ring the caller information may not be stored.
When the Caller ID list memory is full, a new call automatically replaces the oldest
call in memory. NEW appears on screen for calls received that have not been
Note: Check with your local phone company regarding name service

Reviewing Caller ID list

As calls are received and stored, the Caller ID list is updated to let you know how
many calls have been received.
1. Press CID/VOL
the oldest.
2. Press CID/VOL
most recent.
3. Press TONE/EXIT to return to Standby Mode anytime.
Note: 1. If area code is programmed (for example 416), the whole number
(416-2225555) including area code will be shown on the screen during a call
coming from this area. When reviewed later, the area code will not be shown
(i.e. LCD shows 2225555 only). 2. You may also transfer Caller ID entries to
the directory.
See Storing caller ID entries in directory below.

Formatting Caller ID numbers

The MUTE/FORMAT key lets you select how many digits of the number are
Press MUTE/FORMAT once to add the area code (Note: The programmed
area code must match the Caller ID area code).
Press MUTE/FORMAT again to add 1 plus the area code.
Press MUTE/FORMAT a third time to go back to the 7-digit number.
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to scroll through the Caller ID list from the most recent to
to scroll through the Caller ID list from the oldest to the
2006/5/12, ¤U¤È 02:52


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