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Making A Call; Volume Adjustment; Transferring A Call (For Clt-A5822 And Clt-A5832); Ringer Switch - Sanyo CLT-A5832 Instruction Manual

5.8 ghz cordless telephone with caller id & visual call waiting
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Making a call

1. Press TALK.
Note: If handset is in the base cradle, remove it from base before pressing
the TALK key.
2. Dial the phone number.
Channel No. Call Timer
3. Press TALK to end your call.

Volume adjustment

The VOLUME key adjusts the volume level of the earpiece. There are 4 volume
1. Make sure the phone is in TALK mode.
2. Press the CID/VOL

Transferring a call (For CLT-A5822 and CLT-A5832)

The current conversation can be transferred to another handset. Only one
handset can talk with an outside caller at a time. The second handset cannot
listen to the conversation or make an outgoing call while the other handset is in
1. During a call, press and hold the MUTE/FORMAT key, until "TRANSFERRING"
shows on the screen and both handsets beep.
Note: To cancel the transfer and return to the caller, press TALK key on the
2. Press TALK on the other handset to get the call.
Note: During call transfer, if there is no further action within 2 minutes on both
handsets, the call will end.

Ringer switch

The RINGER switch must be on for the handset to ring during incoming calls.
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Volume Level
key on the handset.
Telephone Number
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