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Operation - Bosch Active Line Owner's Manual

The bosch drive system (20 mph), drive unit
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Initial Operation
The eBike system can only be activated when the following
requirements are met:
– A sufficiently charged battery pack is inserted (see bat-
tery pack operating instructions).
– The on-board computer is properly inserted in the hold-
er (see on-board computer operating instructions).
– The speed sensor is connected properly (see "Checking
the Speed Sensor", page English–4).
Switching the eBike System On/Off
Options for switching on the eBike system:
– If the on-board computer is already switched on when
inserted into the holder, then the eBike system will be
switched on automatically.
– When the on-board computer and the eBike battery
pack are inserted, briefly press the On/Off button of the
on-board computer once.
– When the on-board computer is inserted, press the
On/Off button on the battery pack.
Once it is switched on, the eBike system is in the "OFF"
mode. Select the desired assistance level and take off.
The drive is activated as soon as you put pressure on the
pedals. The assistance level depends upon the on-board
computer settings.
As soon as you stop pedaling when in normal operation, or
as soon as you have reached a speed of 20 mph, the assis-
tance from the eBike drive unit is switched off. The motor
assistance is automatically re-activated as soon you start
pedaling again and the speed is below 20 mph.
Options for switching off the eBike system:
– Press the On/Off button of the on-board computer.
– Switch the eBike battery pack off by using its On/Off
button (see battery pack operating instructions.)
– Remove the on-board computer out of its holder.
If the eBike is not moved and no button is pressed on the
on-board computer for 10 minutes, the eBike system will
shut down automatically in order to save energy.
0 275 U07 ADC | (21.4.16)
eShift (optional)
eShift is the integration of automatic gear shifting systems
into the eBike system. The eShift components are electri-
cally connected to the drive unit by the manufacturer. The
operation of automatic gear shifting systems is described in
the operating instructions of the on-board computer.
Setting the Assistance Level
With the on-board computer you can set how much the
eBike drive assists you while pedaling. The assistance level
can be changed at any time while the system is on, even
while cycling.
Note: For individual versions, it is possible that the assis-
tance level is preset and cannot be changed. It is also pos-
sible that fewer assistance levels are available for selection
than listed here.
The following assistance levels (max.) are available:
– "OFF": The motor assistance is switched off and the
eBike can be moved by pedaling. The walk assistance
cannot be activated in this assistance level.
– "ECO": Effective assistance at maximum efficiency for
maximum cruising range
– "TOUR": Uniform assistance, for touring with long cruis-
ing range
– "SPORT": Powerful assistance for sporty off-road rid-
ing, as well as for urban traffic
– "TURBO": Maximum assistance, supporting the highest
speed for sporty riding
The selected motor output appears on the display of the on-
board computer. The maximum motor output depends on
the selected assistance level.
Assistance Level
* The motor output can vary for individual versions.
Once it is switched on, the eBike system is in the "OFF"
Assistance Factor*
40 %
100 %
150 %
250 %
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Table of Contents

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