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Bosch Active Line Owner's Manual page 7

The bosch drive system (20 mph), drive unit
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Switching the Walk Assistance On/Off
The walk assistance can make it easier for you to push the
eBike. The speed of this function depends on the selected
gear and can reach a maximum of 3.7 mph. The lower the
selected gear, the lower the speed of the walk assistance
function (at full capacity).
 Using the walk assistance function is only recom-
mended when pushing the eBike. There is risk of injury
if the wheels of the eBike are not in contact with the
ground while using the walk assistance.
To activate the walk assistance function, briefly press but-
ton "WALK" on your on-board computer. After activation,
press button "+" within 3 s and keep it pressed. The eBike
drive is switched on.
Note: The walk assistance cannot be activated in the "OFF"
assistance level.
The walk assistance is switched off as soon as one of the
following occurs:
– you release the button "+",
– the wheels of the eBike are stopped (e.g. by actuating
the brakes or impacting against an obstacle),
– the speed exceeds 3.7 mph.
Note: On some systems the walk assistance function can
be started directly by pressing the "WALK" button.
Switching bike lights On/Off
On the version which has bike lights powered by the eBike
system, the front and rear lights can be switched on and off
at the same time via the on-board computer.
Bosch eBike Systems
0 275 U07 ADC | (21.4.16)


Table of Contents

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